Metallica drops ‘Lux Æterna’ (Music Video)

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Metallica Lux Aeterna Video

About Metallic’s Lux Æterna

Los Angeles, California seeds Metallica return to the fray with their newest composition “Lux Æterna” accompanied by a music video. The video was released on November 28, 2022.

The music video for Lux Æterna was directed by Tim Saccenti and produced by Daniel Lachman and Jennifer Heath. The single is part of a future album drop “72 Seasons” available on April 14th, 2023.

Metallica is at the beginning of their fourth decade in music creation riding on many successes such as Battery, Enter Sandman, and Master of Puppets. They’ve been known as the poster child and the bastard sons of metal music for almost the entirety of their four decades.

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Watch Lux Æterna

The music video starts us in a singular room, breaking into the song and giving us visuals reminiscent of “Load” and “Re-Load” and perhaps this is a call-back to those albums. The music itself sounds similar to “Black Betty” or even the band’s cover of “Stone Cold Crazy”. It has Lars keeping a feverish tempo on drums and has some lyrics from James being “Full speed or nothin'”, which seems to be the focus of this song.

The visuals become a steady light show and rotating camera showing the band members with some close-ups of the pickups of the instruments. The song really feels like something Metallica had written in the 80s and decided to wait until they mastered some of the tones before releasing.

Perhaps this single is a sign of the album to come and an announcement that Metallica is going back to their roots as far as sound and songwriting goes.

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What Did You Think About Lux Æterna?

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