Mic Lanny Drops ‘Cardiff Giant’ (Album)

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Mic Lanny Cardiff Giant Album Review

It finally happened. I’ve aged enough where I’ve been a fan of Mic Lanny for ten years. He is one of the most prolific musicians I have known in my years of covering art.

I first met Lanny in my early twenties. After I graduated from college, I moved back home and began going to local hip hop shows. If Mic Lanny wasn’t performing, he was always in the audience supporting his peers.

While Lanny and I were never close friends, he always made it a point to say hi and talk to me for a few minutes. Back in those days, my social anxiety was near-debilitating. Though he may not have realized it, I always appreciated Mic Lanny being friendly to me.

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About Cardiff Giant

‘Cardiff Giant’ is a new album by hip hop artist Mic Lanny. The album was released on August 14th, 2022. This is Mic Lanny’s first album since 2020’s ‘Salt For Sugar Wounds’.

The tracks for Cardiff Giant were produced by Devin BPM. The cover art was done by Phillip Pascuzzo. The album features a variety of excellent artists, including Mista Pigz, El Sphinx, Mike Arson, and Emcee Graffiti.

Cardiff Giant Review

I was very excited about this album. It has been a minute since we have got some new Mic Lanny music. When I got ‘Cardiff Giant’, I immediately listened to it twice back-to-back. I am writing this while on my fourth listen to the album.

Mic Lanny has been switching up his style for the past few years. We both come from the Albany, New York hip hop scene that is very heavily influenced by boom bap-style hip hop. While Lanny exels at this style, it is also great to see him experimenting with new sounds and techniques.

However, one thing that has never changed is Lanny’s hyper-creative lyrics. It doesn’t matter what kind of beat he is on. Mic Lanny will always grab your brain with intricate rhyme patterns and complex wordplay.

My favorite track on this album is Jedi Voorheez. This track features Emcee Graffiti, Animal Cracker, and Upgrade. Everyone raps their asses off on this track. The beat is kind of minimalistic and lets Devin BPM’s crazy drum patterns come through in the mix.

I am also a huge fan of ‘Low Lows And Flying Big’. The beat is very atmospheric but also driving. This gives Mic Lanny the canvas he needs to go crazy.

Overall, ‘Cardiff Giant’ is a great addition to Mic Lanny’s catalog. It has the high quality that we have come to expect from his music. Here’s to ten more years of Mic Lanny fandom.

Mic Lanny Cardiff Giant Review

Cardiff Giant Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Aim At Somethin
3. Low Lows And Flying Big
4. Maddog 20/22
5. Tellem You Love It Tho
6. Jedi Voorheez
7. Interlude
8. On My Own
9. American Gothic
11. Outro

Have You Listened To Cardiff Giant?

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