MisterWives Drops Ultraviolet Music Video

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MisterWives Ultraviolet

MisterWives Drops Ultraviolet

MisterWives gives us music that blends indie, alternative, soft, and hard-hitting using acoustic, electronic, and jazzy instruments. The band came together in New York City and released their debut album in 2015. It was a very welcome step away from rampant electronic element-based pop music saturating the charts we have today, MisterWives gives us clean and concise vocals, snappy percussion, and production on guitar, keyboards, and other instruments that tend to get ignored. MisterWives consists of vocalist Mandy Lee, Etienne Bowler on percussion, bass guitarist William Hehir, guitarist Marc Campbell, and Keyboardist Mike Murphy.

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Ultraviolet Music Video

MisterWives Ultraviolet music video was released on 6/10/23, was directed by Matty Vogel, and produced by Mandy Lee. MisterWives Ultraviolet is a single from the upcoming 4th studio album “Nosebleeds”. The single explores self-criticism and how we create storylines in our minds where we know what others think of us.

MisterWives Ultraviolet music video features the band’s vocalist Mandy exploring different landscapes with arrows in her back and a white flower, untouched and unblemished by life until it is finally scorched. It is a visual postcard of someone exploring the world around them trying to patch their wounds and enjoy the beauty of everything.

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