Morabeza Tobacco Drops ‘Teacher’s In The Mood’ (Music Video)

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Morabeza Tobacco Teacher's In The Mood

About Morabeza Tobacco’s ‘Teacher’s In The Mood’

Stockholm, Sweden natives Morabeza Tobacco dropped the music video from Teacher’s In The Mood, a single from their new album Shadow of the Cherry. The video was released on November 9th, 2022.

The video was created, directed, and produced by Mira Aasma & Fabian Rosenberg (DVC Bureau).

Morabeza Tobacco is a newer group, with Shadow of the Cherry being their second album release. They are moody and brooding but brilliantly produced to sound like songs from a foggy past.

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Watch Teacher’s In The Mood

Morabeza Tobacco is a duo featuring the Gustav Jennefors guitarist/singer and Vanilla Stillefors keyboardist/singer. The video captures them playing the song in a dimly lit and intimate space.

The song itself features bouncing vocals and almost feels like being in an intoxicated love or infatuation, with returns to the lyric “..and it feels like the first time.”

I would suggest giving Shadow of the Cherry a listen as their songs are so well written and produced and this is just a small shining of the indie diamond they truly are.

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What did you think about Teacher’s In The Mood?

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