21 Silly Napoleon Dynamite Trivia Questions and Answers

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Napoleon Dynamite Trivia Questions And Answers

About Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite was released in 2004 and has a run time of one hour and thirty-six minutes. It was created by Jared Hess and Jerusha Hess. The film stars Jon Heder, Efren Ramirez, and Jon Gries.

Napoleon Dynamite was an undeniable independent comedy hit of the early 2000s. From its “vintage” color scheme, and awkward and funny quotes, down to the situations high schoolers get into, the movie is a force of nature.

If this movie came out while you were in high school, then you likely went to the theaters to see it multiple times. After all, the internet wasn’t quite the meme repository it is now, so funny things and scenes had to be memorized. In my experience the times of “GAWSH!”, “DANG IT!”, and “I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious”, are some of my fondest memories.

Today we’ll find out if you put the “nap” in Napoleon or if you put the “Boom There Goes The…” in Dynamite. Let’s eat the food, Tina!

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Napoleon Dynamite Trivia Questions And Answers

1. What is the martial art program that Kip is interested in learning?
Answer: Rex-Kwan-Do

2. What is the name of Rex’s wife?
Answer: Starla

3. What part of Trisha’s gift did Napoleon spend three hours on?
The shading on her upper-lip

4. What does Uncle Rico offer customers that buy an entire set of his plasticware?
Answer: A ship in a bottle (I want that.)

5. What myth gets debunked about Uncle Rico’s Plasticware, much to Kip’s embarrassment?
That the plasticware is unbreakable

6. What two activites does Deb do to raise extra money for college?
Makes boondoggle keychains and takes glamour shots

7. What is the name of Kip’s love interest that he met on the internet?

Napoleon Dynamite Movie Quiz

8. Where does Napoleon’s Grandmother go for fun, much to the boys’ surprise?
ATV’ing in the sand dunes

9. What does Napoleon do to raise extra money for the dance?
Working on a chicken farm

10. What is the name of Napoleon’s Llama?
Answer: Tina

11. According to Napoleon, what do girls want in their partners?
People with skills

12. What brand of bike does Pedro have?

13. What is the name of the school sign-language club that Napoleon is part of?
Happy Hands Club

14. Before his appearance as Rex, Diedrich Bader played Peter’s neighbor Lawrence in this Mike Judge comedy.
Office Space

15. What VHS tape does Napoleon find at the thrift store to help him practice his dance skills?
D-Kwon’s Dance Grooves

16. What advanced science does Napoleon And Uncle Rico attempt that injures both of them?
Time travel

17. What measurable distance does Uncle Rico claim to have been able to throw a football?
A quarter mile

18. What food item does Napoleon keep on his person that is exposed during a test?
Tater tots

19. At the end of the film, Napoleon and Deb rekindle their friendship through this activity.

20. Uncle Rico gets Napoleon even more ostracized at school when he passes out advertisements for this product.
Breast enhancement pills

21. Napoleon Dynamite is based on this short film, also created by Jared Hess.

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How Did You Do With Our Napoleon Dynamite Trivia?

Now that you’ve taken in this Napoleon Dynamite trivia, feel free to take your bike off some sweet jumps, ask a girl you like to the dance, and try to throw a football over the mountains. Ask your friends, “Do you remember Napoleon Dynamite?” Then ask them the questions in this Napoleon Dynamite trivia and see if they’re able to get any of them right.

Even if not, hopefully, the article will help you find a way to feel “Forever Young“.

Thank you for checking out our Napoleon Dynamite trivia! Let us know how you did and hit us with your Napoleon Dynamite trivia on social media!

If you love movie trivia, make sure to check out the rest of our pop culture trivia and quizzes!

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