Netflix Added A Category Hub To Their Menu

More UI Improvements From The Classic Streaming Service

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Netfiix Category Hub Feature

Netflix’s New Category Hub Feature

Netflix recently announced a new Category Hub feature. This is coming alongside other UI and algorithm improvements, such as their new Double Thumbs Up rating feature. The Category Hub is being introduced to give Netflix users a better way to narrow down their viewing choices.

In a recent press release, Netflix described the new feature:

“Starting today, you can find this hub in the left-hand menu on both adult and kids’ profiles. There, you’ll see your personalized Top 3 categories based on what you love to regularly watch. This new immersive experience will also include curated collections to celebrate local holidays like Earth Day or International Women’s Day, as well as globally popular categories like anime, drama, and children & family for when you’re in the mood for something different.”

In my opinion, categories have always been one of Netflix’s weak points. The app has a to of different categories, but its user interface does not offer many methods of exploration. I’ve always felt like I am playing a game of chance with Netflix. Which categories will they offer me today?

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Netfiix Category Hub
Courtesy of Netflix

What Do You Think About Netflix’s New Category Hub?

I hope that the new Category Hub feature improves this facet of the overall Netflix experience. What are your thoughts? Let us know on social media!

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