Odd Rob Explores Lake George’s Mysterious Echo Spot

A Unique Experience In Upstate NY

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Odd Rob Lake George Echo Spot

What Is Lake George’s Mystery Echo Spot?

Upstate New York’s Lake George is a popular area full of many attractions and history. One lesser-known feature of the area is the mysterious echo spot found near the lake’s visitor center.

If you stand in the correct spot on the overlook platform, you can hear your voice echo around the area. It only works if you stand in this one specific spot. Luckily they have marked it with an ‘X’ so you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching.

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I have been to Lake George many times in my life, and I did not know about the echo spot until I watched Odd Rob’s latest video on the topic. I definitely need to try this out next time I am in the area. It seems like a very interesting and rare experience.

Watch Odd Rob At Lake George’s Echo Spot

About Odd Rob

Odd Rob is a YouTuber that specializes in unique interests, travel, and product reviews. His video on Lake George’s echo spot is his first full-length YouTube video. We are really excited to see upcoming content from Odd Rob. Odd Rob’s videos are edited by friend of PHASR, One Ton Soup Productions.

Odd Rob’s Official Website

Odd Rob on YouTube

Odd Rob on Instagram

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Learn More About The Lake George Echo Spot

Atlas Obscura – Lake George Mystery Spot

Everyday Saratoga – Mystery Spot In Lake George NY

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