Osay Drops ‘Best of Me’ (Single)

New track from hip hop artist Osay.

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Osay Best Of Me Single

About ‘Best of Me’

‘Best of Me’ is a new track from Chicago hip hop artist Osay. The track was released through Better Off Silent on December 16th, 2022. This track is one of many singles Osay has released since her last full-length album ‘Chapter One…’.

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Listen To ‘Best of Me’

Listen to ‘Best of Me’ by Osay on YouTube (Better Off Silent)
Listen To ‘Best of Me’ by Osay on Spotify

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About Osay

Osay is a rapper, singer, and hip hop artist from Chicago, Illinois. Her lifelong pursuit of music has led to the release of many creative projects. Her first full-length EP, ‘Chapter One…’, came out in May of 2021.

“For me, it’s definitely an internal drive and motivation to create. I almost feel bad when I’m not creating or doing something within the realms of music each day. Because this is my dream, I want to work at and eventually be the best and the only way I can do that is by constantly working and developing on my craft.” – Osay, PHASR Interview

Where To Find Osay

Osay on Spotify

Osay on Instagram

Osay on Twitter

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