Reddit Gets A Fresh Update With New Discover Tab

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Reddit Discover Tab

Reddit Discover Tab

On Thursday, Reddit introduced a new Discover tab feature reminiscent of Instagram and Pinterest. The new feature on the social media platform curates photos, GIFs, videos, and varying subreddits in a scrollable style grid. Reddit introduced the Discover tab to assist users interested in finding new content and communities on the platform. According to Reddit, in its initial testing phase, they saw one in five users join at least one new community after using the new Discover Tab.

Reddits New Discover Tab

Marked as a small compass on the bottom left-hand side of the navigational tab is where you’ll find it. Once you join a new community, you can organize them via Community and Profile Drawers. This will allow Reddit users to prioritize the communities they care about most. To access the Community Drawer, users can tap the drop-down menu at the top left on the home screen to then view four sections:

  • “Moderating entry points” in which moderators can see their mod feed, mod queue, and the subreddits they moderate.
  • “Your communities” where the communities redditors subscribe to can be sorted and customized;
  • “Following” which shows redditor accounts a user follows;
  • The “r/all” entry point
New Reddit Discover Tab

Open the Profile Drawer to access your profile and customize it freely by swiping left or tapping on their profile icon at the top right of the home screen. In an interview with The Verge, Reddit’s director of product for community and content Jason Costa, said this in regard to the new feature:

In particular, there’s not really a place on Reddit where you can go and easily discover great video content, great imagery content, great GIF content,” Costa said. Reddit was evaluating the use of the Communities button, and Costa said that’s how the location of the Discover tab came to be. Since the profile slide-over from the left already existed, the subscriptions list and favorites were moved there. “We think the community drawer is a real improvement over the existing tab,” Costa said.

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“I personally think users are going to discover and join more communities as a result of this. And I think the old and new Redditors alike are gonna find really interesting and compelling content that resonates with them.” Costa said. In testing, users that tried the Discover tab subscribed to at least one additional community vs. those that didn’t use it, “which is exactly what we were hoping for,” Costa explains “they would discover, and… traverse the breadth of the corpus of content communities on the site. So you know, that alone, as a signal, gets us really excited for you know, what old and new users are going to do with [it].”

What Do You Think Of Reddit’s Discover Tab?

Are you a fan of the visual upgrade to Reddit or is it drifting away from its text-based roots? Let us know on social media today.

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