retropxssy Drops ‘WILD HORSE’ (Music Video)

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retropxssy Wild Horse Music Video


WILD HORSE is a new music video from London-based artist retropxssy. The video was released on May 20th, 2022. WILD HORSE is track seven on retropxssy’s 2021 album ‘Road Ahead’. The video was writted and directed by retropxssy. It was shot and edited by friend of PHASR, Fat Llama.

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I don’t know who this Dr. Rat dude is, but I am glad that our heroine was able to escape defeat him before anything bad happened. This music video is very well shot and edited. However, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Fat Llama. I loved the horror-style introduction, and fighting-game-style battle toward the end of the video.

This is my first experience with retropxssy, but I am well on my way to being a fan. I plan on spending this weekend checking out the rest of her catalog.


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