Peluca: The Predecessor To Napoleon Dynamite (Review)

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Napoleon Dynamite Peluca Short Film

About Peluca

Peluca was written and directed by Jared Hess, stars Jon Heder, and was finished in 2002. Jared created the film as part of a film project during his studies at BYU. It is a short film with a run time of under 9 minutes.

Jon Heder plays the pre-Napoleon character “Seth” and is followed during a typical school day. The short film is black and white and features similar musical themes comparable to elevator music.

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Peluca Review

The film follows Seth as he navigates a day of his high school life. The opening scene is almost mirrored to that of Napoleon Dynamite as Seth throws a roped action figure out of the window of the bus and it is dragged. Seth is bullied at school for his artwork but is defended by his friend, Pedro.

At lunch, Seth asks why Giel wears his hoodie the way he does and Pedro explains that his hair made his head hot, so he shaved it off (Again, inspiration for Napoleon Dynamite). Seth not wanting to go to his next class, asks Pedro and Giel if they want to skip class and go to the thrift store. Why? Because Seth wants a sweet fanny pack.

Upon exiting school, Seth remembers he’s light on cash and wants to try getting more money from a lottery ticket. Because he doesn’t have an age-defining mustache he is denied the sale of a lottery ticket as he is understood to be a minor. Fortunately, Giel is with them, and having a mustache, he is able to buy the lottery ticket. As fate would have it they win a little extra pocket change for their shopping spree.

At the thrift store, Seth and crew find the titular “Peluca” (Spanish for wig) and are enamored and impressed with its look and price, $7.00! Seth is able to locate a fanny pack but seems blown away that they are asking $5.00 for it. Once all matters at the thrift store are settled, they tell Giel that he looks like a medieval warrior and then go their separate ways. Seth has an FFA (Future Farmers of America) competition to attend, as it were.

If you watch this you will notice many similarities between the stories. If you are me watching this you will really ask yourself “How did this get traction and funding?” Some things in life are better left unknown and not understood. If you haven’t watched Napoleon Dynamite but are curious, Peluca is an option especially if you are limited in time.

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Peluca Short Film Napoleon Dynamite

Have You Watched Peluca?

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