Mr. Butterchips – A Collection of Cantankerous Commentary Review

Mr. Butterchips is a comic series created by Alex Schumahcer. The series was recently collected into a paperback available on Amazon.

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Mr. bButterchips

About Mr. Butterchips

Mr. Butterchips is a monthly webcomic created by Alex Schumacher. The webcomic is published by the online literary magazine Drunk Monkeys. The series has been around since 2016.

In June of 2020, a collection of these comics was released on paperback through SLG Publishing. Mr. Butterchips: A Collection of Cantankerous Commentary, collects a variety of Mr. Butterchips strips from the past four years. It is available for purchase on Amazon.

Mr. Butterchips is a monkey like no other. He is pessimistic and drug-addled. Most importantly, he is angry. Mr. Butterchips has no problem expressing his distaste for the current state of affairs in the world.

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Mr. Butterchips A Collection of Cantankerous Commentary

Mr. Butterchips Collection Review

This is a spoiler-free review, enjoy!

I have been a huge fan of Alex Schumacher for a while now. He is one of my all-time favorite artists and comic creators. His weekly comic, Decades of (in)Experience has been an important part of my life as I transition into my 30s.

One of the things that I love most about Alex’s work is his art style. I will admit that this comes from a place of jealousy. In all of my years of reading comics, I have always admired the style of the Underground Comix movement. Though I am not the most talented artist, I do my best to find my own version of this style.

Schumacher has accomplished this feat and then some. His art style is both modern and reminiscent of the past. It reminds us of the rebellious comics of a former era, while at the same time being a voice of the present day. Schumacher has made this style his own, and comics are all the better for it.

Mr. Butterchips is a character that you don’t often see in comic books. The industry is saturated with pure evil villains and morally-just heroes. Our chain-smoking monkey friend doesn’t fit into either of these archetypes.

Our protagonist is dirty, loud-mouthed, and angry. The average person would most likely not want to spend long periods of time with him. He embodies many of our flaws and has a lifestyle that would make a lot of us cringe.

At the same time, Mr. Butterchips has a knack for standing up for what is right. If there is a bigot in the area, he will let them know what’s up. There is no end to the mockery he will give to the ignorant and hate-driven.

This is what makes Mr. Butterchips so special. There is no shortage of political and societal discussions to be found. Our news feeds and social media are chock-full of people arguing and discussing the issues of the day.

Mr. Butterchips Panels

However, hearing these arguments from a heated drunken monkey is so much more fun.

I think this comic series really speaks to how our modern society handles information and discussion. Just like Mr. Butterchips, we are all filled with strong opinions. Also, just like Mr. Butterchips, we are flawed and imperfect.

I think a lot of us have our own Mr. Butterchips living in our psyches.

I am really happy to see Mr. Butterchips collected in one place. While I love reading this comic month-to-month, there is a certain punch that it gives you reading them all back-to-back.

More importantly, I am happy to see the continued work and success of Alex Schumacher. Effective Nerd is all about helping creators be better, and Alex is a prime example of what you can do when you put blood, sweat, and tears into the creative process.

I would recommend Mr. Butterchips to fans of political cartoons, boisterous stand-up comedians, and off-beat comic books. If you want a good laugh paired with sharp wit and insight, Mr. Butterchips is for you.

Mr. Butterchips Panel

Where To Find Alex Schumacher

You can support Alex through Patreon

Alex can be found on Twitter and Instagram, and his official website

Decades of (in)Experience can be read through the archives at Antix Press.  

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