Netflix Announces Russian Doll Season 2 Release Date

Wake Up. Party. Die. Repeat.

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Russian Doll Season 2 Release Date

Russian Doll Season 2 Release Date

Russian Doll is a dramedy created by and starring Natasha Lyonne (Orange Is The New Black, American Pie). It was also created by Leslye Headland and Amy Poehler. The first season of the series premiered on Netflix in February of 2019. Russian Doll also starts Greta Lee, Charlie Barnett, Yul Vazquez, and Elizabeth Ashley.

The series revolves around Nadia Vulvokov who is stuck in a time loop. She is forced to relive the same party over and over, each time with deadly results. Nadia is trying to figure out what is happening to her life. She winds up meeting another time loop traveler stuck in the same predicament.

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Fans have been waiting for Russian Doll season 2 for a few years now. Luckily, Netflix just announced the release date for this series. Honestly, I thought this series was on its own time loop path for death. I am happy that is not the case and can’t wait to watch season two when it drops on April 20th, 2022.

It also looks like Schitt’s Creek’s Annie Murphy is signed on for season two! I can’t wait to see how she fits into this insane plot. Also, how awesome will it be to see Annie Murphy and Natasha Lyonne on the screen together?

I would recommend Russian Doll to anyone who enjoys dark time-travel stories, as well as offbeat humor. If you are into films like Looper and Happy Death Day, then Russian Doll may be the series for you!

Are You Excited About Russian Doll Season 2?

We are excited that Russian Doll is returning for a second season. Are you excited about season 2 dropping on Netflix? Let us know on social media!

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