Sandman The Silly: 7 Funniest Adam Sandler Songs

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Funniest Adam Sandler Songs

Funniest Adam Sandler Songs

Adam Sandler is no stranger to being a class-act funny guy. He’s also a musician and the funniest Adam Sandler songs can be found spread across his works in movies, skits, and standalone albums. That’s right, Adam is a verifiable recording artist as well!

Although he’s known as “The Sandman” in the biz, these songs will keep you laughing too hard to fall asleep. Here are our 7 funniest Adam Sandler songs that we think you should listen to, NOW!

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Lunchlady Land

Lunchlady Land is track eighteen on Adam Sandler’s 1993 album They’re All Gonna Laugh At You. The lunch lady is one of the most thankless jobs in the school system. The food may suck, but these people fed us throughout our childhoods. It is time that someone finally gives them the credit they deserve. We will never forget Chris Farley’s interpretive dance to this song.

The Chanukah Song

The Chanukah Song is track six on Adam Sandler’s second album What The Hell Happened To Me? Adam explores his Jewish heritage and talks about other celebrities that share his faith in The Chanukah Song. This song also appears to birth the title of his animated film 8 Crazy Nights! This song is a fun discussion of the holiday and other celebrities that join in on the festivities.

Food Innuendo Guy

Food Innuendo Guy is track five on Adam Sandler’s album They’re All Gonna Laugh At You. Who can resist a song that is filled with filthy food-based innuendos? I didn’t know all of these different dirty food jokes existed, but I have been using them since I first heard this song as a child.

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The Goat Song

The Goat Song is track thirteen on Adam Sandler’s 1997 album What’s Your Name? This track is an exploration into the life of a poorly treated goat. The story starts innocently enough with the goat befriending an old man after he is presented a tuna can, a life in the United States, but ends with the goat living in a broken down pick-up truck. The tragedy of the goat will certainly see you laughing at his plight.

The Thanksgiving Song

The Thanksgiving Song is track ten on They’re All Gonna Laugh At You. When it comes to holiday songs, many of them are overplayed, repetitive, and dry when it comes to the humor. Here, Adam Sandler gives us his best dish of comedy, served at a great heat that can be listened to on repeat.

Ode To My Car

Ode To My Car is track three on Adam Sandler’s 1996 album What The Hell Happened To me? We have all had a car that we love, even though it is not in the best shape. Adam Sandler takes this vibe to the extreme in Ode To My Car. This car has been through a lot, and he wants you to know every last detail.

At A Medium Pace

At A Medium Pace is track fourteen on Adam Sandler’s debut album They’re All Gonna Laugh At You. The subject matter here is assuredly more adult, so you know, if you have kids and don’t want to explain this just yet, maybe listen in private. The song details Adam getting his pleasure from a helping hand at a motion that’s right in the middle. As Chubbs Peterson would say, “Nice and easy.”

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What Do You Think Are The Funniest Adam Sandler Songs?

We hope you enjoyed our list of the funniest Adam Sandler songs. Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know on social media!

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