25 Scream Trivia Questions And Answers (1996 Movie)

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Scream Trivia Questions And Answers

About Scream (1996)

Scream is a horror movie directed by Wes Craven and written by Kevin Williamson. Since this first installment, there are currently six movies in the Scream franchise, with the newest being released in 2023. This slasher saga is known for its witty dialogue, ‘who done it’ plot lines, and meta-commentary on the state of horror films.

The lore of Scream surrounds Sidney Prescott. A year after her mother’s murder, a new killing spree starts that targets Sidney and her friends. They must stop the murders and figure out the identity of the Ghostface killer.

Today, we wanted to test your knowledge of the original Scream film. Use this list of trivia questions to test your friends, or print it out for your next trivia night. Let us know how well you did on social media!

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Scream Trivia Questions And Answers

1. Billy tells Sidney that this substance was used as the prop for pig’s blood in the film Carrie.
Corn Syrup

2. Everyone looks at Randy in the video store after he screams this iconic phrase.
Everybody is a suspect!

3. Billy and Stu were able to evade being caught for Maureen’s murder by framing this person.
Cotton Weary

4. Stu Macher is killed (supposedly) when Sidney attacks him with this object.
A Television

5. Before settling on Scream, this was the original title of the film.
Scary Movie

6. Aligned with his character, Randy Meeks works at this location.
A Video Store

7. Billy and Stu aimed to survive and escape their current killing spree by framing this person.
Sidney’s Father, Mr. Prescott

8. The opening victim of the film, Casey Becker, was played by this famous actress.
Drew Barrymore

9. The high school janitor is dressed up as this iconic slasher villain.
Freddy Kruger

10. Principal Hembry is played by this famous sitcom actor.
Henry Winkler

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Scream Trivia Questions

11. Casey Becker loses her trivia with Ghostface when she misses a question about this classic slasher franchise.
Friday The 13th

12. Tatum Riley meets her demise when she gets stuck in this location.
Cat Door/Garage Door

13. After killing Casey, Billy creates an alibi for himself by going to this location.
Sidney’s House/Bedroom Window

14. When Sidney is first on the phone with Ghostface, she tests whether or not he can see her by doing this silly action.
Picking her nose.

15. Where does the big party in Scream take place?
: Stu Macher’s House

16. Sidney does this to Gale after she tells Sidney she will send her a copy of her book.
Punches her in the face

17. The high school janitor is played by this iconic horror creator.
Wes Craven

18. Protagonist Sidney Prescott is played by which famous actress?
Neve Campbell

19. This Nick Cave song has become synonymous with the Scream franchise.
Red Right Hand

20. What was Billy’s motive for his murders?
Revenge for his parents breaking up

21. What retro snack is Casey Becker making at the beginning of Scream?
Jiffy Pop

22. This deputy police officer is played by the legendary David Arquette.
Dewey Riley

23. Where did the police find Principal Hembry’s body?
Hanging from the goalpost on the football field.

24. This journalist gained infamy from writing a book about the murder of Maureen Prescott.
Gale Weathers

25. This use of this phone feature tripled after the release of Scream.
Caller ID

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How Many Scream Trivia Questions Did You Get Right?

We hope you enjoyed our list of Scream trivia questions and answers. How many did you get right? Let us know how you did on social media!

If you love movie trivia, make sure to check out the rest of our pop culture trivia and quizzes!

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