35 Seinfeld Trivia Questions And Answers

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Seinfeld Trivia Questions And Answers

Seinfeld is one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time. The show was dubbed ‘the show about nothing’ as it deals with everyday scenarios and does not follow a serialized plot. Much of the show is based on Jerry Seinfeld’s observational stand up comedy.

Many people love Seinfeld because of its formula. In most episodes, one of the characters (Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer) makes an awkward remark or social faux pas. By the end of the episode, this small error has spiraled out of control, to hilarious results. I have been watching Seinfeld for most of my life, and the show never seems to get old.

Today we want to test your knowledge with a series of Seinfeld trivia questions. Use them to test your friends on your next trivia night. Let us know how well you did on social media.

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Seinfeld Trivia Questions And Answers

What does Jerry get tested to see if it contains fat?

Answer: Yogurt

Kramer’s skin turns dark and leathery after he turns his apartment into this kind of establishment.

Answer: A Cigar Lounge

Jerry has a legendary bromance with this famous baseball player.

Answer: Keith Hernandez

Throughout the series, Jerry messes up this man’s life on multiple occasions, leading him to think Jerry is a ‘very bad man’.

Answer: Babu

What year did Seinfeld premier?

Answer: 1989

Mulva is not the name of this love interest that dumps Jerry after realizing he does not know her name.

Answer: Delores

Jerry feels guilt over Manya’s death after he makes an insensitive joke about this animal.

Answer: Ponies

In season two, Jerry buys a very expensive jacket that has a striped inner lining of these colors.

Answer: Pink And White

Who leaves dirty messages on Jerry’s tape recorder while he is performing on stage?

Answer: Elaine

Judge Reinhold appears on Seinfeld as a character with this comedic nickname.

Answer: The Close Talker

The owner of the Chinese restaurant causes George to miss an important call when he mistakenly calls out this last name.

Answer: Cartwright

George turns this color after receiving treatment from a hack holistic healer.

Answer: Purple

Larry David plays in this in-universe science fiction film that Jerry hears while he is sleeping.

Answer: Flaming Globes Of Sigmund

Tobin Bell guess stars on Seinfeld as the owner of this type of establishment.

Answer: A Record Store

In the pilot for Seinfeld, Cosmo Kramer originally had this last name.

Answer: Kessler

Much like Kramer’s name, the title of the show was changed after the pilot. What was the original name of the show?

Answer: The Seinfeld Chronicles

When George needs to hide his identity, he uses this alias.

Answer: Art Vandelay

In a reference to Arthur Miller’s ‘Death Of A Salesmen’, Jerry has this comical nickname for George.

Answer: Biff

This character has an obsession with Jerry, stalks him, and plots to get his revenge on him.

Answer: Crazy Joe Davola

How does Elaine throw out her back while visiting Jerry’s parents?

Answer: By sleeping on an uncomfortable pull-out bed.

Though you never see him, this actor does the voice for George Steinbrenner.

Answer: Larry David

Jerry bribes Newman with this food to keep him quiet about his relationship with his neighbor’s girlfriend.

Answer: Drake’s Coffee Cake

Everyone is grossed out by Kramer’s salad after he announces that it was made in this location.

Answer: The Shower

After getting out of the pool, George is embarrassed by having this genital phenomenon.

Answer: Shrinkage

When George isn’t wearing his glasses, he accidentally eats this out of Jerry’s fridge.

Answer: An Onion

Jerry, trying to impress Elaine’s new friend, gives Elaine this inappropriate gift.

Answer: A Cigar Store Indian

Jerry does not want to wear the puffy shirt because it makes him look like this.

Answer: A Pirate

What causes Elaine to laugh during George’s girlfriend’s piano recital?

Answer: A PEZ Dispenser

What food gets stuck in someone’s body when Kramer drops it while observing a surgery?

Answer: Junior Mint

This famous actor played the role of George’s father, Frank Costanza?

Answer: Jerry Stiller

Jerry causes drama in the retirement community when he accepts this gift from Jack Klepper.

Answer: A pen that can write upside down.

This is the name of Morty Seinfeld’s famous beltless trench coat.

Answer: The Executive

What actress plays the role of Elaine Benes?

Answer: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

You must order correctly when ordering food from this offensively-named chef.

Answer: The Soup Nazi

What food does Jerry say people should ‘look to’ for inspiration about racial equality?

Answer: Black And White Cookies

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How Did You Do With These Seinfeld Trivia Questions?

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