Setafortasay Talks Streaming and Gaming

This week I got to chat with Twitch streamer Setafortasay!

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Setafortasay Twitch Streamer

An Interview With Setafortasay

Thank you for taking the time to chat with me this week! Please tell the readers about yourself and the work you do. 

Setafortasay: Hey! Seta is what I go by, but my real name is Kevin. I started streaming on Twitch with a few friends as viewers because we all have a discord together and wanted to start boosting it. I have absolutely fallen in love with it so I am attempting to stream full time now.

How long have you been streaming? How did you get your start?

Setafortasay: I did a few streams over a year ago, but it wasn’t an attempt with any effort. I was let go from an IT job in June of 2020 due to COVID-19 and decided to put some effort into myself. On August 1st I started my first official Setafortasay stream.

The discord was already a place for IT friends from past jobs to collaborate and also have fun. Everyone from the discord is as responsible for the success of this stream as much as I am. They were the original lurkers and subscribers.

You are currently raising money and awareness for Movember. Can you tell me about what you are doing, and how people can get involved?

Setafortasay: Brandon started talking about it and I was immediately hooked on the idea so I said “November month-long charity stream!” All the money raised on the stream this month will be donated to the Movember charity. We are also walking 60 miles in November in honor of the 60 men who commit suicide hourly worldwide. I have been affected by this in my own life and know what can happen with families and friends afterward.

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Setafortasay Twitch Streamer

Streaming takes a lot of time and energy. What do you do to stay productive?

Setafortasay: I have been failing in that regard for sure. Movember will help, but I noticed I work best on a schedule. I had to actually come up with a schedule streaming and then days where I do not touch my electronics. We need to moderate the time we are on computers, TVs, and our phones as much as we need to moderate the time we are working.

Burnout happens to the best of us. What strategies do you use to reduce stress and stay motivated?

Setafortasay: It is tough to relax, I feel like I want to improve constantly. So relaxing and reading turns into “How many books can I read this year?!” The best thing I have found is good friends, good food, great music, and trying to go outside and hike more often.

What is your biggest obstacle when it comes to streaming? What are you doing to overcome them?

Setafortasay: There are a lot of obstacles from retaining an audience, to finding new people to tune in, but I had a really hard time with anxiety. I can meet new people really easily in person, but with Twitch I am gauging everything off a username and some text. I can be profane, and the stream is set for a mature audience, but I still worry I could come off mean or rude. I just want to be funny and have a good time.

Outside of Twitch, what do you do for fun?

Setafortasay: I love the mountains out here in Colorado. I hike. I ski. I love to explore. Music is super important to me as well, I loved going to concerts and cannot wait for that to start again. I also really enjoy exploring new parts of town. Trying restaurants I haven’t tried and going to arts or cultural festivals.

Setafortasay Interview

What advice can you give to those who want to start streaming?

Setafortasay: You cannot be discouraged by people not being in your stream. Engage in other people’s streams with ZERO intention of promoting yourself. Promote others. You only succeed by building a community.

Do you have any other upcoming events, releases, or projects you would like to discuss?

Setafortasay: Movember is the most important thing to me right now and we are donating 100% of the Twitch income from November to them.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with me this week! Where can the readers find you and your work?

Setafortasay: I love y’all and hope everyone is staying safe!

I stream on Twitch Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday around 10 AM Mountain time. I am still working on getting a YouTube channel up and running, but you can subscribe for more updates.

The easiest way to keep up to date with what I am up to? Check me out on Twitter.

Finally, for questions, comments, and sponsors, shoot me an email at:

Check Out Setafortasay!

A huge thank you to Kevin for taking the time to chat with me this week! Make sure to check out Setafortasay at the following locations:

Setafortasay’s Movember Team Site

Setafortasay on Twitch

Setafortasay on YouTube

Setafortasay on Twitter

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