Scare Your Friends With These Slasher Movie Wine Glasses

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Horror Themed Movie Wine Glasses

Slasher Movie Wine Glasses

Everyone loves those little charms you put in wine glasses to tell whose glass is whose. I know alcohol has antiseptic properties, but don’t put something you touched in my drink.

Jokes aside, I recently found out about an Etsy shop called Blooming Creations LTD. They sell a variety of products but seem to focus primarily on horror-themed creations. What really caught my eye was this set of wine glasses depicting classic horror icons.

This set of four wine glasses depicts Ghostface, Freddy Kruger, Michael Myers, and Jason Voorhees. They would go great for a fancy Halloween party, a chill horror movie night, or just because it’s Wednesday.

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Slasher Movie Wine Glasses

I hope this company decides to make more of these. I would love a wine set that includes Chucky, Art The Clown, and Billy The Puppet. Now, all we need are these characters to come and cut up cheese and meat for our charcuterie board.

Where To Buy

Slasher Movie Wine Glasses By Blooming Creations

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