Sleep Token Drops The Summoning (Music Video)

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Sleep Token The Summoning Music Video

About Sleep Token’s The Summoning

Sleep Token’s The Summoning was released on January 6th, 2023 along with its music video. The music video was created by Jake Johnston of We’re All Gonna Die.

The Summoning is a very buzzworthy song at the moment as fans of Sleep Token are getting quite the surprise change of sound towards the end of the song. If you are uninitiated to Sleep Token’s sound, it is very moody, dark, heavy, and features vocals that are drawn out and beautifully ranged. The band itself is a collective of unidentified musicians that praise a deity known as “Sleep”.

There is no album release slated yet to accompany this single.


Watch The Summoning

Although the song is definitely an undeniable hit with a sound range that is incomparable, this video is stale but in line with the band’s videos. Ideally, there will be additional singles or an album release that helps make a little sense out of it, if not you essentially get an action figure the likes of a DOOM super monster being filmed 360°, eventually having 10 lasers pointed at it, some symbols across the borders, and the lighting is brighter and darker.

The sound of the opening run for this song sounds very identifiable as Sleep Token’s and they polish it off exceptionally with an upbeat, funk closer. Sleep Token’s songs are definitely for those that enjoy heavier rock, however, even if you aren’t into that their vocalist can easily win your ear.

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Sleep Token Music Videos

What Did You Think Of The Summoning?

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Where To Find Sleep Token

Sleep Token’s Official Website

Sleep Token On Twitter

Sleep Token On YouTube

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