Slipknot Drops Bone Church (Music Video): The Massive Musings Of 9 Masked Menaces

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Slipknot Bone Church Music Video

Slipknot Drops Bone Church

Slipknot is a 9-piece band of Iowa roots. They smashed onto the scene with their vibrant and horrific jumpsuits and masks and their single “Wait and Bleed”. Bone Church is a far departure from their initial sound. They entered into music as a metal band looking to create music that entertained the ears but also actively pursued destroying them.

Slipknot has released 7 studio albums and has been crushing the metal and music scene since forming in 1995. Having 9 members ensures that if you see a live show of theirs, there will be chaos, somewhere.

As time has progressed the tracks have entered more musical, less vicious spaces. Corey singing more and screaming less, Jim and Mick making efforts for fewer breakdowns and more solos and rhythm, is a sign of growth within the band. Whether this tickles a fan’s fancy will depend on if they are a metalhead purist or if they’re open to music, even if it changes, respectfully.

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Watch Bone Church By Slipknot

Slipknot’s Bone Church Review

Bone Church’s music video was released on 2/2/23 and was Directed by M. Shawn Crahan. The executive producers are Nic Neary, Olivia Hines, Andy Hines. The post Producer and editor is Dustin Dooley, and the director of photography is Jeff Powers.

The video itself looks as though it was pulled from a suspense movie, where you’ve been kidnapped and are being watched. The song is in the 6-minute area, giving a nice amount of time for the video to explore a few spaces.

Ultimately Slipknot stays to their horror aesthetic with elements of psychological suspense. The song itself seems to have influences lent from Pink Floyd, Type O Negative, and other entries of acid rock. It is truly a large step away from the sounds I’m familiar with hearing with Slipknot.

I think the song is great as a rock track, adhering to a dragged tempo with dashes of flange, a chilling keyboard, and ghastly and airy vocals. The video doesn’t necessarily seem to have a core concept, just one of many sights that you wouldn’t anticipate in the comfort of your own home but during a “character’s been drugged but is starting to become less fuzzy” state.

If you enjoy your music a little more drawn out and experimental, I think this track will resonate. The latest album “The End, So Far” is available wherever you stream your music and for purchase as vinyl and CD.

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