What happens in Smoke Weed, See the Future? (Space Between Entertainment)

In this article we take a look at Pat Shand's Smoke Weed, See the Future which is basically Empire Records and Pineapple Express was turned into a comic book and smoked a whole bunch of weed!

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What is Smoke Weed, See the Future about?

Space Between Entertainment has created a vibrant, slice of life comic book like the movies Pineapple Express and Empire Records blended together – both in tone and feel.

Written by Pat Shand, illustrated by Yishan Li and lettered by Jim Campbell, Smoke Weed See the Future Volume 1 introduces us to protagonist Taylor who’s a Seer that co-owns a weed farm that creates a special type of bong water which, when combined with their own locally produced weed, allows Taylor’s clients to see into their futures as a therapeutical means of ensuring they stay on the right path in life.

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Smoke Weed, See the Future - Volume 1 - Front Cover
Smoke Weed, See the Future – Volume 1 – Front Cover

Unfortunately, when one of her staff posts an innocent tweet whose joke isn’t received well with the general public, this sends Taylor down a desperate path to do whatever she can to keep her business open, dodge unwanted negativity and the greed of a nearby drug cartel.

Pat Shand has found a unique way to craft a less than typical slice of life story about marijuana farming. What’s unique about it is Smoke Weed See the Future isn’t necessarily just a slice of life story, nor is it just another comic trying desperately to throw a positive spin on drug themes. It’s a well manufactured amalgamation of the two. Complete with a certain sarcastic flair and well-meaning barbs between each character which exemplifies Shand’s talent as a comedic writer.

On top of this, you’ll fall in love with Yishan Li’s artistic style. A black and white style which had an uphill battle at the start: to represent a psychedelic adventure that bends genre and perception. Yet somehow Li traverses that mountain on all fronts and makes it a satisfying read that’ll keep you plowing through the more stagnant panels that draw the story to a standstill. You keep soldiering through panel after panel, page after page, because the Yi’s art is like a universe to itself – which draws you in. Pun intended!

Smoke Weed, See the Future is a smattering of psychedelic wonder. A smorgasbord of many genres converging into a light hearted story about friendship which still leaves room for protagonist Taylor and her friends to deliver the corrupt drug cartel a royal screw job which is ultimately satisfying.

The Talent Involved and Sale Dates

Written by PAT SHAND
Lettering by JIM CAMPBELL

Available now
Published by Space Between Entertainment

Themes of Smoke Weed, See the Future – Volume 1

  • Business Owner
  • Drug Cartel
  • Drug Use
  • Friendship
  • Marijuana
  • Seer
  • Therapy
  • Slice of Life
  • Social Media

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Preview Pages

Smoke Weed, See the Future - Volume 1, Page 1
Smoke Weed, See the Future – Volume 1, Page 1
Smoke Weed, See the Future - Volume 1, Page 2
Smoke Weed, See the Future – Volume 1, Page 2
Smoke Weed, See the Future - Volume 1, Page 3
Smoke Weed, See the Future – Volume 1, Page 3

What did you think of Smoke Weed, See the Future – Volume 1?

Smoke Weed, See the Future certainly is a very different take on the slice of life and drug use genres – but what did you think of this comic book? Did you love it or hate it?

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