Son Of Paper Drops ‘Comes With Time’ (Music Video)

Hip hop artist Son of Paper recently dropped an awesome music video for 'Comes With Time'.

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Son of Paper Comes With Time

About ‘Comes With Time’

‘Comes With Time’ is a new single and music video from hip hop artist Son of Paper. The track was produced by Big Banana. The music video was directed and edited by RJ Siu. The director of photography was Cory Siu. The art direction and makeup were done by Jalin Siu.

When asked about this new single, Son of Paper said the following:

“This music industry is full of slimy and shady characters. Labels trying to manipulate. Promoters only there when you’re popping off.

In ‘Comes With Time,’ my first of three hard-hitting releases this summer, I explore my deep insecurities and fear of failing as an artist. Something painfully relatable for many with music aspirations like myself.

This song took me over a year from start to finish and couldn’t have happened without Sunkis, Samantha Margret, and of course Big Banana Hyung. I hope you enjoy!”

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Watch ‘Comes With Time’

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‘Comes With Time’ Lyrics

They say that it comes with time,
hoping that I get the shine,
way too many wasted nights…
Slow mo motivation… don’t know how to face it ..

Talk to ‘em…like straight from the heart,
Been stacking in a house made of cards,
Wrote letters in a bed that was ours,
Hey! batta batta swing out the park

Hate it when they say it. comes with. timeeeee!
Many moments I would try to close my eyesssss…. hoping I would OWN the things I visualiiiiize — Still I defy
Cool on my own I ain’t picking a side
Switched up the flow and I said it before but since I got the floor Ima take it in stride

Hook x2

I been on top of my game, dodging the 바지 aflame,
요즘은 rapping for
형 나중에 rapping for dumb
Show me you feeling my shit…
Love that I missed as a kid,
took me some time to unwind,
Clearly I’m doing just fine

Fine always comes with price,
Drug money!!! sex with a vice,
Cold when approached but the flow hella nice,
——I been as emotive as..Leonard,
Loudly crack my jokes like old leather,
내일 일기예보 보고
Paper make it rainy all day…
랩을 듣기 싫대 어머
y’all gon fade away…. of old age,

I … know it’ll come don’t miss,
I’m baking the cake in a moment,
I know what I want, yamean?
I Came here to dunk, Yao ming

‘Comes With Time’ Review

I have been following Son of Paper’s career for a little over a year now. SOP has been one of my favorite hip hop artists to watch grow and develop.

I feel that ‘Comes With Time’ is the mark of a new era for Son of Paper. While many creators worry about ‘leveling up’, Son of Paper is out here getting it done.

The music video for ‘Comes With Time’ is very well shot. I get film-noir vibes from the aesthetic, which I feel fits into the themes found within the track. Between the production, the video, and of course SOP’s lyrics, ‘Comes With Time’ is an all-around great track.

If this is what we can expect from Son of Paper, then we are in good hands. I can’t wait to hear the next two singles from SOP.

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Where To Find Son of Paper

Son of Paper’s Official Website

Son of Paper on Spotify

Son of Paper on Apple Music

Son of Paper’s Linktree

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