Son Of Paper Drops ‘MR. CHINATOWN’ (Music Video)

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Son Of Paper Mr. Chinatown Music Video

San Francisco hip hop artist Son of Paper just dropped a new music video for his track ‘MR. CHINATOWN’. The video was released on October 29th, 2022.

MR. CHINATOWN is a single from Son of Paper’s upcoming album ‘From A Rooftop In Chinatown’ and features hip hop artist Dragon of the West. The video was produced by Justin Guo and Aaron Pham. The fight choreography was done by Derek Chin, and the costumes were by Abby Perez.

Son of Paper never fails to impress me. I have been following his music for years, and every track is better than the last. I am honored to be able to watch this talented artist hone his music and videography skills. MR. CHINATOWN is now one of my favorite SOP tracks, up there with 2019’s ‘Buffet Boys’ and 2020’s ‘Because Of U’.

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About Son Of Paper

Son of Paper is a hip hop artist from San Francisco, California. His musical style combines elements of trap music and boom-bap, with influences from traditional East Asian music. His lyrical content covers a wide variety of topics, from fighting against Asian hate crimes, to relationships, to fear and depression.

Son of Paper has a variety of music videos and singles available. In 2019, he dropped the album ‘Paper Mache’, followed by his 2021 EP ‘Always Autumn. His new album, From A Rooftop In Chinatown, will release in 2023.

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