Static-X Drops Terrible Lie (NIN Cover Music Video)

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Static X Terrible Lie Music Video

Static-X Covers Nine Inch Nails In Terrible Lie

Static-X is a band from Los Angeles, Ca. that made their major debut into music with the drop of their album “Wisconsin Death Trip” in 1999. The band has seen several members throughout its lifetime, holding strongly to Wayne Static and Ken Jay.

Wayne passed away in 2014 and the band is now fronted by Xer0 aka Edsel Dope of the band, Dope. Static-X was one of my most powerful introductions to heavier music right before I began high school.

Static-X had acclaimed hits like “Push It” which featured a Tool-style stop-and-go animation music video and “Loser”. They were heavy, screamy, intense, and FUN. The band was self-described as evil disco, and even used disco to influence their tempo and rhythms. This gave the band another facet to their gem arguably making them hard to replicate.

Although Wayne is no longer here, his music and vocals are being brought back to showcase the steep catalog the band had, and “Terrible Lie” is a diamond to display. The band now almost seems like a fitting tribute to a musician that didn’t necessarily get to the top of the music world but had the makings of one that absolutely would have.

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Terrible Lie Music Video

Terrible Lie was released on 2/9/23 and will be a feature on Static-X’s next album Project Regeneration Volume 2.

Though it is a cover of NIN, the music is in line with the industrial standard and allows Wayne to banshee scream his heart out. The song features the “Wisconsin Death Trip” lineup of Wayne Static, Ken Jay, Koichi Fukuda, and Tony Campos. The song and album it is featured on were mixed by their current frontman, Xer0. The song itself makes it feel like Static-X is back and ready to drop new music and scrub the dark past the band had.

The reality is, the video and song are a great testament to what the band was and a better way to keep the positive light of Wayne still beaming. Wherever you are Wayne, we know your hair is taller than heaven, your beard fit for Valhalla, and your voice is sharper than obsidian.

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