36 Stranger Things Trivia Questions And Answers

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The fourth season of Stranger Things has come to an end, and we need to have some fun to pass the time before season five premieres. Here are our favorite pieces of Stranger Things trivia. This trivia series is great to test your own knowledge or to use for trivia nights with your friends. If we missed any of your favorites, let us know on social media!

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Stranger Things Trivia Questions And Answers

Matt and Ross, the creators of Stranger Things, go by this iconic name.

Answer: The Duffer Brothers

Eden Bingham, Suzie’s older sister, is based on Ally Sheedy’s character from this classic 80s film.

Answer: The Breakfast Club

What year does Will Byers initially go missing?

Answer: 1983

What is the name of the scientist that Eleven calls ‘Papa’?

Answer: Dr. Martin Brenner

This Stranger Things star is also known for films such as Lucas, Edward Scissorhands, and Beetlejuice.

Answer: Winona Ryder

The powerful child known as Eleven is played by which actress?

Answer: Millie Bobby Brown

In Stranger Things season 4, Eddie Munson fights off monsters by playing which Metallica song?

Answer: Master Of Puppets

The characters of Stranger Things must fight monsters that come from this dark realm.

Answer: The Upside Down

Much of Stranger Things’ lore is based on this popular tabletop game.

Answer: Dungeons And Dragons

People are still hoping that Shannon Purser will return as this beloved character who died in season 1.

Answer: Barb

Stranger Things Trivia Questions And Answers

In season three, Steve and Robin work at which naval-themed ice cream restaurant?

Answer: Scoops Ahoy

David Harbour plays this stubborn chief of police that learns how to love again.

Answer: Jim Hopper

This character would not reveal any important information unless he got an ice-cold Slurpee.

Answer: Dr. Alexei

Jonathan and Nancy worked for this local newspaper.

Answer: The Hawkins Post

In what state does Stranger Things take place?

Answer: Indiana

Eleven is obsessed with this frozen breakfast food.

Answer: Eggo Waffles

Who is Dustin’s summer camp romance in Stranger Things season 3?

Answer: Suzie Bingham

Robert Englund, who plays Victor Creel, also played this classic horror villain.

Answer: Freddy Kruger

Bob Newby is played by Sean Astin, who also portrayed this classic Tolkein character.

Answer: Samwise Gamgee

For Halloween, the boys dressed up as this iconic comedy-horror group.

Answer: The Ghostbusters

After finding a baby Demogorgon, Dustin gives it this name.

Answer: D’Artagnan (Dart)

Hawkins High School has a Dungeon and Dragons club with this fiery name.

Answer: Hellfire Club

The Upside Down is based on this classic science fiction horror film.

Answer: Alien

While Will is trapped in The Upside Down, he communicates with his mother through the use of this common holiday item.

Answer: Christmas Lights

This actor plays both Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things and Richie Tozier in IT.

Answer: Finn Wolfhard

Much of Stranger Things’ lore takes inspiration from this 1988 Japanese Cyberpunk animated film.

Answer: Akira

Henry Creel, subject 001, eventually turns into which Dungeons and Dragons-based villain?

Answer: Vecna

This gigantic spider-esque monster is one of the biggest known villains from The Upside Down.

Answer: The Mind Flayer

Will and Jonathan’s fort in the woods has what appropriate name?

Answer: Castle Byers

The Byers, along with Eleven, move to this fictional town in California.

Answer: Lenora Hills

This character was an abusive villain long before he was controlled by The Mind Flayer.

Answer: Billy Hargrove

This lovable stoner helps the characters through his affiliation with Surfer Boy Pizza.

Answer: Argyle

This character ends season 4 in the hospital after her disastrous battle with Vecna.

Answer: Max Mayfield

Eleven’s battle to keep her powers under control is inspired by this classic Stephen King character.

Answer: Carrie

Billy Hargrove’s name and costume are a reference to Rob Lowe’s character in this classic 1980s film.

Answer: St. Elmo’s Fire

Though this character started off as a semi-antagonist, he is now known as the ‘group mom’.

Answer: Steve Harrington

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