Sweet Heart #5 Review

Sweet Heart #5 was written by Dillon Gilbertson. The artwork is done by Francesco Iaquinta and Marco Pagnotta. The lettering is by Saida Temofonte. Sweet Heart is edited by Nicole D'Andria and published by Action Lab Comics.

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Sweet Heart 5 Review

About Sweet Heart #5

Sweet Heart #5 was written by Dillon Gilbertson. The artwork is done by Francesco Iaquinta and Marco Pagnotta. The lettering is by Saida Temofonte. Sweet Heart is edited by Nicole D’Andria and published by Action Lab Comics.

After the twisted events of Sweet Heart #4, we see Maddie struggling to keep herself and her family safe. Will she be able to overcome her obstacles and defeat the monsters plaguing the city?

Sweet Heart 5 Cover

Sweet Heart #5 Review

Maddie’s grandmother is one of my favorite characters in this series. As many of you know, I have dedicated my life to working with the elderly (and comic books, of course). A common theme I see in many elderly people is their regrets for how they have lived their lives. They are old enough to see their decisions play out in the lives of their children, grandchildren, and other loved ones. Maddie’s grandmother is no exception. I think the writing and development of this character is amazing.

This issue has an incredible two page splash that includes flashbacks of previous issues. With the series coming to a close, I thought this was an excellent way to bring the entire story together. While the writing of comic books is important to tell the story, it is the artists that really breathe the life into their books.

We learn a lot more about Maddie’s parents in Sweet Heart #5. As I have said before, though this is a horror story about gruesome monsters, Sweet Hearts power comes from the story it tells about familial love. Antagonists will always be there to bring us down, but how we adapt, learn, and treat others is what really defines us as people.

Maddie is on a suicide mission in this issue, and I love her for it. What makes Maddie a great protagonist, like many other comic book protagonists, is her willingness to put the safety of others before her own. She may not have a cape, but Maddie is a true hero.

In the end, the ultimate sacrifice is made to save the day, but probably not in the way you think. You will have to read Sweet Heart to see what happens.

While I am sad to see Sweet Heart end, I am very happy that I have it in my life. This is a very important comic for me. It was one of the first that I ever reviewed for this website. My career in comics has grown alongside this series. I am really proud of how far these creators have come in the past few years.

This will be a comic that I will read multiple times throughout the course of my life. I may be a fan of horror comics, but more importantly, I am a person with my own set of vices and problems. Sweet Heart has thought me that I need to continue to fight in my pursuit to be a better and more healthy person.

As a new father, I have something that needs protection. Someone that needs me to be brave for them. While Maddie may be fictional, she will always be in the back of my mind when times get tough.

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Sweet Heart 5 Preview

Where To Find Sweet Heart

Sweet Heart #5 on Comixology

Where To Find The Creators

Dillon Gilbertson: Website | Twitter | Instagram

Francesco Iaquinta: Twitter | Instagram

Nicole D’Andria: Twitter | Website | Instagram

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