Tart: Soul Searchers #1 Review (Scout Comics)

'Tart: Soul Searchers' is for those who love the weird and absurd.

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Tart Soul Searchers Comic Book Review Featured Image

Tart: Soul Searchers Review

Tart: Soul Searchers is a one-shot of short stories following the members of The Toxic Fruit Organization as they continue their fight against demons. Tart: Soul Searchers is written by Kevin Joseph, art by Ludovic Sallé, and lettered by DC Hopkins.

In this one-shot Tart Acid and the other members of The Toxic Fruit Organization continue their time-traveling battle against the Kingdom of Hell. The adventures span the globe and human history as they fight the demonic forces against the back-drops of ritual sacrifice, war-torn villages, and even the lost colony of Roanoke.

Tart: Soul Searchers is published by Scout Comics, and is available from your Local Comic Shop.

Tart: Soul Searchers - Comic Book Cover
Tart: Soul Searchers – Comic Book Cover

Tart: Soul Searchers Story

As noted, Tart: Soul Searchers is a one-shot filled with several short adventures as the characters battle against the Kingdom of Hell. They rescue a girl from a monster where rider and horse are one, battle imps, and discover the truth behind the lost colony of Roanoke. Each story is perfectly self-contained, giving the story that is needed.

All in all this book makes for quite a fun ride, filled with exciting action and plenty of character insight. The book flows in a way I’d almost say is a bit dream-like, that while each story is independent they’re all paced in a way that makes it all shift quite easily from one tale into the next.

Tart: Soul Searchers Art

The art by Sallé can only really be described as surreal. There’s a real style that just breathes life into this crazy world we’re invited into, one that makes all of the demons feel oddly at home. On the demons, there are some amazing designs and really memorable visuals for them. The stand-out image for me is of Tart Acid’s face distorted in the reflection of the horse-and-rider demon’s head. There’s also a unique tone to the imagery of each story, making each feel distinct from the others.

On lettering, DC Hopkins is a big part of why this comic flows together so well. His lettering provides a real continuity throughout. Every part of the story is easily read and at no point did I ever find that the placement or design of the captions or balloons detracted from the art.

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Tart: Soul Searchers - Page Example
Tart: Soul Searchers – Page Example

Tart: Soul Searchers Conclusion

Tart: Soul Searchers is an absolutely wild ride and a whole lot of fun. There’s a lot of crazy adventure to be had here, the kind that leaves you wanting more. This book doesn’t make you do any real heavy lifting, and despite being nearly fifty pages I found I moved through it at a good pace where I got everything I needed.

This is a comic book for those who love the weird and absurd, who want a good time. It may not be the biggest digger on themes, but it doesn’t have to be. It knows what it is and does it well. Even if you’re completely unfamiliar with Tart I highly recommend giving this one-shot a try. At worst you’ll have a fun story to read, and at best you may find yourself with a new world to explore.

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