The Carolyn Drops ‘Harmful History’ (EP)

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The Carolyn Harmful History EP Review

About Harmful History

The Carolyn is a three-piece punk band from Atlanta, Georgia. The band’s lineup has Andrew Patrick on vocals/guitar, Oliver Vuley-Conlon on vocals/bass, and David Mulazzi on drums. The band’s first full-length album, ‘This Will Begin To Make Things Right’, dropped in 2019. The band is currently signed to 59 X Records.

I first heard of The Carolyn when they dropped the single for Munchausen By Praxis. I had recently been introduced to their label mates Rough Dreams, and was working my way through the 59x catalog. The Carolyn’s music stuck out to me, and I have been a fan ever since. I was late to the game, but I’m here now.

Harmful History is a new three-track EP that was released on June 9th, 2023. In true punk fashion, this EP comes in at 5 minutes and 28 seconds. That take, Circle Jerks!

Joke aside, Harmful History is an awesome collection of songs. It was definitely awesome on this cool and smoke-filled Friday morning. My favorite track is track two, LBB. It just has that perfect dark melodic post-hardcore tone. I hope you enjoy this EP as much as I do.

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The Carolyn Harmful History EP Album Cover

Harmful History Track Listing

  1. Harmful History (1:30)
  2. LBB (1:38)
  3. Salvation (2:20)

Where To Find The Carolyn

The Carolyn On Bandcamp

The Carolyn On Facebook

The Carolyn On Twitter

The Carolyn On Instagram

59 X Records On YouTube

59 X Records’ Official Website

Have You Listened To Harmful History?

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