Remembering The Witch On Britain’s Got Talent

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The Witch Britain's Got Talent

The Witch On Britain’s Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent is a televised talent show created by Simon Cowell. In the series, judges watch and vote on performers from all sides of the creative spectrum. Similar to shows like American Idol, these performers compete for the top prize.

While these types of television shows are not my cup of tea, I am a lifelong lover of magic and magicians. Britain’s Got Talent has seen its fair share of crazy magic acts.

One that comes to mind, in particular, is the magician known as The Witch. This performer does magic tricks under the guise of a horrific-looking witch costume. The tricks and illusions in their act often play on the fears of the judges, and humans in general.

Today, we want to go over The Witch’s performances on Britain’s Got Talent and talk about why they were so awesome.

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The Apple – Choosing Between Good And Evil

The Witch’s first performance really set the stage for the performer’s capabilities. Each of the judges is asked to pick an apple from a burlap sack and take a bite. However, the last judge has to pick between two apples. One represents good, and the other represents evil.

I also love how The Witch seems to have a bit of animosity for Simon Cowell. The Witch consistently stops and stares at Simon, and even comments about having to talk to him after the show.

The trick ends with the judge choosing the good apple, which is just a regular apple. After telling the audience that everyone is ‘rotten to the core’, a third hand comes out of The Witch’s robes. The hand crushes the evil apple, which is filled with mealworms and cockroaches.

While this is a simple trick to pull off, the real talent comes in the overall aesthetic of the act. The Witch stays in character the entire time and gives an extremely unsettling performance.

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Chaos And Fear – The Story Of The Little Girl

What makes this performance even crazier is that The Witch focuses on Penn Gillette. He is one of the greatest modern magicians, and perhaps one of the best magicians of all time. Good thing The Witch was on BGT and not Penn and Teller’s Fool Us.

This time around, The Witch’s trick is based on telling a story. Each of the judges has a role to play, and they don’t know what to expect. The judges are each assigned a seemingly-normal item. There is also a young girl on the stage.

As the story finishes with promises of chaos, The Witch promises to bring a bit of crazy onto the stage. The little girl turns into a demonic figure, the lights start flickering, and all of the props begin moving on their own.

After The Witch’s basic first performance, it is awesome to see them be able to perform bigger feats with better-set pieces.

The Box – Playing On The Judges’ Fears

In this performance by The Witch, a box is brought out to the judges. Each judge must randomly pull a card out of a bag. On each card, a common fear is listed. The final judge, the one with the box in front of them, picks ‘rodents’ as their fear.

This was the most upsetting performance by The Witch, and not because of The Witch’s magical abilities. During this entire performance, the judges are mocking and made jokes about the performer. I felt that this was unprofessional on their part and partially ruined the aesthetic of the act. Luckily, The Witch was able to stay in character and finish their performance.

Then, the seemingly-empty box collapses to reveal a giant rat. It looks like The Witch can predict their fears after all.

Once again, this isn’t the most difficult magic trick of all time. However, the performance given by The Witch, especially in light of the judge’s behavior, is what makes this performer so amazing.

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Are You A Fan Of The Witch On Britain’s Got Talent?

We hope you enjoyed our breakdown of The Witch’s performances on Britain’s Got Talent. Which performance was your favorite? Let us know on social media!

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