Thomas Barrandon Drops Brain Of Steel (Music Video)

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Thomas Barrandon Brain Of Steel Music Video

About Brain of Steel

France’s Thomas Barrandon is something of an enigma with most social media platforms and search engines presenting only their music. However, some of their previous work can be viewed through their IMDB page. With their latest album “The Unsleeping Eye“, they have released two singles that have themes steeped in Bladerunner and sci-fi with some John Williams’ Star Wars hints as well.

Brain of Steel is a video that was provided to YouTube by Thomas’ label Le Ruche Label. It appears to either be entirely hand-drawn or animated with some form of AI, possibly a combination of both. Their Spotify bio indicates that they do graphic design so it could be of their own artistic birth. This video gives off incredibly powerful visuals of a dystopian, likely not too far off future and a small telling of The Unsleeping Eye.

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Watch Brain of Steel

Although the video has many visuals of humans building things to be connected, a sadness lingers as the builders become distraught, older, replaced, and eventually become an automated species. The dull but elaborate colors really intensify this imagery and help the hammer put the nails into humanity’s coffin, with efficiency. The music finds crescendos and diminuendos as the building of new technology and replacement of flesh becomes more and more forefront.

The music video is absolutely stunning and as if you were reading a graphic novel, knowing the words without them ever so much as being breathed onto the page. Thomas Barrandon crafts for the listener a spectacularly dreary song that is just phenomenal music set to an almost excessively appropriate music video. If you have an interest in art culture and synthy, sci-fi music, you should click the play button above.

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What Did You Think Of Brain of Steel?

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