Thursday Drops ‘Full Collapse Live’ (Album)

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Thursday Full Collapse Live

About ‘Full Collapse Live’

Earlier this month, Thursday’s second album turned 21 years old. To celebrate, the band released a live version of their 2001 album Full Collapse.

I am excited to check out this album. I have been a fan of Thursday for many years. Full Collapse is one of my favorite albums by them. It has classic tracks such as ‘Understanding In A Car Crash’ and ‘Cross Out The Eyes’.

According to the band’s Instagram, vinyl copies of the album sold out in six minutes. While live albums have a reputation for having sound quality issues, fans seem to be impressed with the mixing and quality of Full Collapse Live.

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Full Collapse Live Track List

  • A0001 – Live
  • Understanding In A Car Crash – Live
  • Concealer – Live
  • Autobiography Of a Nation – Live
  • A Hole In The World – Live
  • Cross Out The Eyes – Live
  • Paris In Flames – Live
  • I Am The Killer – Live
  • Standing On The Edge Of Summer – Live
  • Wind–Up – Live
  • How Long Is The Night? – Live
  • i1100 – Live

About Thursday

Thursday is a legendary post-hardcore band from New Jersey. They formed in 1997 and have released six full-length albums. The band’s current lineup has Tom Keeley and Steve Pedulla on guitar, Tim Payne on bass, Tucker Rule on drums, and Geoff Rickly on vocals.

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Where To Find Thursday

Thursdays Official Website

Thursday On Twitter

Thursday On Instagram

Have You Listened To Full Collapse Live?

We are very happy that this album came out. Have you listened to Full Collapse Live? Let us know your thoughts on social media!

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