14 Essential Tips For New Twitch Streamers

Are you new to streaming on Twitch? Here are our best tips for new Twitch streamers.

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Tips For New Twitch Streamers

Tips For New Twitch Streamers

1. Set Your Expectations

Building a new audience on Twitch is no easy task. It takes a lot of time, dedication and effort. This is why it is important to keep in mind that it may take some time before you have a decent-sized audience. Use you first handful to streams to learn the ropes. Don’t worry about the fact that you may only be streaming to a few people.

2. Have A Basic Set Up, Add Elements As You Go

I have seen many streamers try to start off with what they believe to be a perfect setup. This includes their branding, gear, overlay, chat bots. However, having a complex streaming setup can lead to a lot of troubleshooting and issues if everything is not configured correctly.

In my opinion, it is better to have fewer elements instead of ones that may not be functioning properly. My advice is to start with a basic setup that is comfortable and works well. Continue to add elements as you develop your streaming style.

3. Start With A Familiar Game

Trying to learn a new game may be difficult for new streamers, especially those still trying to find their voice and style. By playing a familiar game, you can free up space in your mind that you can put toward talking to your audience and being entertaining.

4. Get Comfortable Talking Into The Mic

It can feel very awkward to broadcast for the first time, especially if you aren’t use to public speaking. This is a skill that comes with time, but you can also practice this skill without being on stream. One way to do this is to dictate items you would normally write. You could also start a podcast to help supplement your streaming audience. Find creative ways to get hours of practice talking into your schedule.

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5. Set The Scene If Possible

Overlays are an important part streamers’ brand and aesthetic. They can range from non-existent, to minimal, to complex. Overlay elements include webcam, alerts, sounds and branding. Take some time to develop an overlay that works for you and what you want your branding to look like. You may not be able to afford custom graphics or a webcam, but make use of what you have until you are ready to expand.

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6. Learn About Twitch As A Platform

Understanding how Twitch works is an integral part of being a streamer. Make sure you are keeping up with news about policy changes within the company. Familiarize yourself with Twitch’s current policies and procedures. This is also important information for streamers looking to reach affiliate or partner.

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7. Get To Know Other Streamers In Your Niche

While there are best practices for being a Twitch streamer in general, every niche on Twitch has their own style. Watch and get to know other streamers who play similar games, or have similar content to your own. Study what is working for them, and look at how you can improve your own streams.

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Microphone Tips For New Twitch Streamers

8. Mix Your Mic

Depending on your current setup, you may have some issues with your microphone quality and levels. Many cheaper or starter mics pick up a lot of background noise, or pick up a lot of high end frequencies. Most streaming software has built-in microphone effects that you can use on your stream. Using these elements, such as EQ, compression, and noise gates, can dramatically increase the quality of your sound.

9. Set Up Your Bot Of Choice

There are a variety of free and paid chat bots for Twitch. Each bot has its own perks and negatives. Take some time to research the different bots you have available and find the one that has features that fit into your streaming style.

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10. Get To Know Your Viewers

Talking to your viewers is one of the most fun and fulfilling aspects of streaming on Twitch. Twitch is a very community-oriented platform. Getting to now your audience is and essential part of the process. Learning about your viewers is also the best way to figure out what is and isn’t working, and what changes you should make.

11. Keep A List Of Improvements

When something doesn’t go right on stream, we can easily forget that it happened after the stream ends. While you are streaming, keep a small notepad by your side and write down things that need to be fixed or improved. Capture all of these ideas, and make improvements when you stop streaming for the day.

Essential Tips For New Twitch Streamers

12. Have Consistent Branding

When you are streaming on Twitch, you typically have other associated accounts. This includes social media profiles, your email address, and any other profile associated with your Twitch account. Each of these accounts has their own standards for profile pictures and branding. Make sure that you are using the same name for all of your accounts, and have high-quality branding for each account. This will make you come off as more professional, and make your brand more easily recognizable.

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13. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Many streamers get locked into thinking there is only one way to be a successful streamer. This is not true. Audiences on Twitch are varied and unique. What may work for one type of streamer may not work for another. Make sure you are always experimenting with at least one element of your stream.

14. Have Fun With It

This is always the cliché ending to lists of tips. However, I feel that this is one of the most overlooked tips for new Twitch streamers. The more fun you have while streaming, the more comfortable you become and less you stay inside your own head. This comfort will allow you to continue building your skills as a streamer.

Are You A New Twitch Streamer?

We hope you enjoyed our list of tips for new Twitch streamers. Are you a new streamer? Seasoned streamers, did we miss any of your favorite tips? Let us know on social media!

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