New Trailer Drops For Parmount+’s Halo Series

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New Trailer Drops For Halo Series

Halo Trailer From Paramount

A television series based on the popular video game series Halo is set to drop on March 24th, 2022. As of right now, the series is exclusive to the Paramount+ streaming service. Even though the series has not yet premiered, it has already been picked up for a second season.

For those who don’t know, Halo is a military science-fiction video game series that has spun off into comics, novels, and short films. The series centers around supersoldiers called Spartans that are attempting to save the world from alien forces known as ‘The Covenant’. The story surrounds protagonist, and gaming-favorite character, Master Chief.

The Halo television series gives Paramount+ a chance to break into the epic storytelling and worldbuilding seen in modern geek culture. Over the past decade, we have seen the immense popularity of the MCU, and epic television series such as Game of Thrones. Companies are doing their best to snatch up the rights to classic fantasy and science fiction franchises and bring them to the big and small screens. Halo will star Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief and Natascha McElhone as Dr. Halsey.

Fans should be excited that Jen Taylor will continue to provide the voice of Cortana. Other confirmed cast includes Danny Sapani, Charlie Murphy, Kate Kennedy, Bentley Kaul, Yerin Ha, and Olive Gray. While I am not a huge fan of military-based stories, I am excited to check out the sprawling sci-fi adventure in the Halo television series. While I have played a lot of Halo in my day, it was mostly online multiplayer. This means that most of the lore and worldbuilding will be completely new to me. I can’t wait to see how the series unfolds.

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Will You Watch Paramount’s Halo Series?

What did you think of the Halo trailer? Do you plan on watching the series when it debuts on Paramount+? Let us know on social media!

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