14 Types Of Graphic Tees In Your Dresser

Theres a graphic tee out there for everyone.

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Types Of Graphic Tees In Your Dresser

Types Of Graphic Tees In Your Dresser

Many of us have a plethora of t-shirts in our possession. They can range from blank tees to intricate graphic tees. Today we want to take a look at the the different types of graphic tees in our dressers.

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1. The Band Shirt

Sometimes you have to show some love to your favorite musical artists.

Many bands have merch that is now considered to be classic iconography. The four bar flag of Black Flag, or The Misfits’ fiend skull, are easily recognizable even if you aren’t into punk rock.

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2. The Unrecognizably Faded

To be honest, I don’t even remember what graphic was originally on this shirt. I just love it. It has been washed so many times that it is now just a piece of what it formerly was. All that is left is a few speckles of the design paint. I still wear it, though.

3. The Local Business Shirt

Show your local pride! There are many ways that we can acquire shirts for local businesses. This includes giveaways, gifts, promotions, employment and volunteering. Either way, we tend to hold onto these. You never know when a good opportunity to wear it may come up.

Types Of Graphic Tees

4. The Cringe Joke Shirt

Sometimes when you are shopping, a funny t-shirt will seem like the coolest thing ever. However, it looks very different in the light of your own home. All my ‘Female Body Inspectors’ out there know what’s up.

5. The Witty Joke Shirt

See Above: The Cringe Joke Shirt

6. The Designer Graphic Tee

Sometimes a graphic tee doesn’t have any hidden meaning behind it. It doesn’t reference any bands, TV shows, movies, or video games. It just has a dope design.

7. The Event Shirt

I went to my work’s fun run 5 years ago and all I got was this lame t-shirt. I only wear this shirt to mow the lawn. I’m not sure if my lawnmower appreciates it. We haven’t spoke in a while. That said, event shirts are great for yard work, or anything where you have the risk of getting dirty.

8. The Media Franchise Shirt

Sometimes you have to represent your favorite media franchises. Yes, I could just tell people that I enjoy watching The Office. However, isn’t it just more fun to have it plastered all over your body?

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9. The Intruder

A shirt has invaded your wardrobe. It is not yours. Someone left it at your house ages ago. You want nothing more than to throw away or donate this piece of clothing. At the same time, you don’t want to get rid of it in case the owner asks for it back.

10. The Blanks

We got some blank shirts in here! Wait, does this even count as a “graphic” tee? The only graphic on it is the companies logo printed on the inside tag. Maybe this article should have been called ‘types of t-shirts’.

11. The Ride Or Die

Also Known As: The Veteran

This shirt is so beaten up that you won’t wear it. However, you respect it too much to take it out of rotation. This shirt has been there for the ups and downs in your life. You’ve been through too much together. It would be insulting to put it in the attic, or throw it in the trash.

Types Of Graphic Tees In Your Dresser

12. The Gift Shirt

I love my grandmother. I love that she put in the effort to buy me that Star Trek shirt for Christmas. However, I have never been to the final frontier. I tend to hang out in a galaxy far far away.

We all have that shirt that was gifted to us by a relative who doesn’t quite understand our aesthetic. While we may never wear the shirt, we hang on to it. Maybe its because of the love we have for the gift-giver. Maybe its because we want to keep it as proof if the gift-giver ever asks about it. Either way, its in the dresser.

13. The Shirt You Can’t Wait To Fit Into

Call me chubby, husky, cuddly, whatever you want. I WILL eat right, exercise, and eventually fit into that shirt. Yes, I did buy it three years ago. Yes, the graphic on the shirt is no longer relevant.  However, life is a journey.

14. The Abused Shirt

I have nothing against this shirt. However, I do wear it to mow the lawn, paint and do a variety of other household projects. It is covered in grease stains and paint. It has an odor that would be alarming to medical staff. It takes a beating, serves its purpose, and dies a hero.

What Are Your Favorite Types Of Graphic Tees?

We hope you enjoyed our list of the different types of graphic tees. What are your favorites? Let us know on social media!

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