Unearth Drops The Wretched The Ruinous (Music Video)

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Unearth The Wretched The Ruinous

About Unearth

Unearth is deemed a metal/metalcore band that was formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1998. They have 7 studio albums over that timeline documenting furious guitar solos, blasting breakdowns, and screams that can smash the eardrums. This band leaped into my life in 2008 with the single “My Will Be Done” as it tattooed my brain with its eerie and ascending guitar solo with unmatched pace and speed.

The track is actually still one I use today if I am attempting a task I feel requires a high level of focus. To put it lightly, if you believe you’re ready for something that can be musical, heavy, and fast – Unearth is for you.

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The Wretched The Ruinous Music Video

The Wretched The Ruinous music video was released on 1/25/23 and at the time of writing is a standalone single. The Wretched; The Ruinous is released five years after the last album ‘Watchers of Rule’.

The Wretched The Ruinous is true to Unearth’s style, without missing a beat. The video is a performance from a show they put on in Tokyo. Featuring a circle pit, a cameraman being pushed around in the chaos of said pit, and the band traveling and meeting their fans. It appears they refuse to let any aging slow them down.

The chorus goes off as if an explosion of cannon erupts, the guitars continue to ascend and descend scales as if screaming, and the frontman growls their lyrical content. If you’re a fan of Unearth, metalcore, or getting a feeling of aggression off your chest, this is a tremendous listen.

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