22 V For Vendetta Trivia Questions And Answers: Explosive Liberation For The People

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V For Vendetta Trivia Questions

V For Vendetta is a story based in a future dystopia where the government rules by fear, intimidation, and all-out assault on its people. Enforcing curfews, checkpoints, and destroying evidence of their oppressive nature, the people have had enough and so has their hero, V. Can V channel this distrust for the government and topple their house of cards or will their power be the boot on his neck he can’t remove?

I remember when V For Vendetta hit screens in 2005 and I thought,” It is impressive that Hollywood and government allow these things to be shown,” considering the inspiration and parallels it can draw, but the film is a far more diluted and digestible version. Powerful notions at rest, this movie being based on a comic, isn’t shown in panels, nor is it given much scenery where the protagonist is a god. Instead, it is delivered as if two people connect with a muted population, to take on a shared constraint.

We want to see if the comic and/or movie branded some knowledge into the wrinkles of your brain, by posing some V For Vendetta trivia questions. See if you know other revolutionaries by asking your friends these questions!

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V For Vendetta Trivia Questions And Answers

1. V recites a poem that asks its readers/audience to remember what event?
Answer: The Gunpowder Treason

2. What is the government called in V for Vendetta?
Answer: Norsefire

3. Who inspired the mask that V wears?
Answer: Guy Fawkes

4. What profession did Evey’s father have?
Answer: Writer

5. What crime does Evey commit when found by the policemen?
Answer: Breaking curfew

6. What is the state’s police force called?
Answer: The Fingermen

7. What book is referenced for the large screen speech of the Chancellor?

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8. What is the tenant posted throughout Britain?
Answer: Strength through Unity, Unity through Faith

9. Where does the V logo draw inspiration from?
Answer: The symbol for Anarchy

10. What unpopular literary device does V use when introducing himself to Evey?
Answer: Alliteration

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11. What news outlet dispenses propaganda/support messages for the government?
BTN (British Television Network)

12. V tells Creedy that beneath his mask he is an idea. What does he say ideas are?

13. What is the most insidious prison of all?
Answer: Happiness

14. Evey becomes arrested and tortured during V for Vendetta and she meets the arresting officer. Who arrests Evey?
Answer: V

15. Who is the detective that has a change of heart towards their duties?
Answer: Detective Eric Finch

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16. What is causing deaths in massive numbers around Britain?
Answer: St. Mary’s Virus

17. When V discusses freedom for people and their lives, what phrase does he use to describe it?
The land of do as you please.

18. What building does V destroy?
Answer: The Old Bailey

19. What building does Evey destroy?

20. When V Finds Delia Surridge, what does he tell her is never meaningless to do?
To apologize

21. Who is Delia Surridge?
Answer: Delia is Doctor Stanton, of V’s time in a concentration camp.

22. How does the Chancellor die?
Answer: Creedy makes a deal with V, meets with V and shoots him.

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V For Vendetta Trivia Questions And Answers

Did You Defeat Oppression With Your V For Vendetta Knowledge?

V for Vendetta was written before it was taken to the screen. As noted before, it is an intense look at an authoritarian government. It was written in the 1980s and geared towards the Thatcher-era government. Alan Moore a self-described Anarchist pulls no punches about government overreach.

We hope you enjoyed and get to use our list of V For Vendetta trivia questions and answers! How well did you do with our questions? Let us know on social media!

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