Vampironica #3 Review (Archie Horror Series)

Vampironica #3 is created by Greg and Megan Smallwood. It premiered in September of 2018 and is published by Archie Comics.

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Vampironica 3 Review

About Vampironica #3

The Creators

Vampironica is created by Greg and Megan Smallwood. The lettering was done by Jack Morelli. The series premiered on March 14th of 2018. Issue 3 came out on September 12th of 2018.

The artwork for Vampironica issue 3 was done by Greg Smallwood and Jack Morelli. There are also variant covers available by Francesco Francavilla and Audrey Mok.

Vampironica is part of the Archie Horror initiative alongside other books such as Afterlife With Archie, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and Jughead: The Hunger.

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After being inflicted with the vampire curse, Veronica teams up with Dilton to try and bring an end to the vampire invasion. Will their plan work? You will have to read to find out.

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Vampironica 3 Cover

Vampironica #3 Review

Veronica and Dilton are prepared to fight with the head vampire. They have all their gear and supplies ready, and it is time to check out what is really happening at Veronica’s house! However, Archie shows up at the very wrong moment.

With their plan botched, Dilton, Archie, and Veronica were able to make an escape from the head vampire and Veronica’s parents. They now must prepare for the final battle with these undead forces. It looks like this will take place, due to what we saw in the first issue, Cheryl Blossom’s party.

I loved seeing Veronica’s parents as vampires. This brought a lot of new personality to these typically dry and snooty characters. Instead of dominating the world with their wealth, they are now focusing on gaining power through spreading vampirism. It looks like the entire town of Riverdale is now in grave danger.

We finally go to see Veronica come clean to Archie. We have been waiting for this moment. Luckily, our favorite redhead is understanding and wants to help. Say what you want about Archiekins, but he is usually a pretty good guy. There is a great joke in here about how Archie refers to Strigoi vampires as “Strudel vampires”.

I wonder if Veronica will have to kill her parents. That would really shake up her life (more than it has been already). Hopefully Dilton will come up with some sort of cure or treatment to return everyone back to normal. That said, who knows? This could all be an elaborate dream or hallucination. I could see the series ending with Veronica waking up from a dream after falling asleep during a vampire movie.

This issue really ramped up the action in the Vampironica story. I thought for sure that either Archie or Dilton was going to get turned into a vampire. However, it looks like our trio is ready to fight!

With two issues of the main series left, it seems like #4 will show the final battle and #5 will wrap things up. While I am excited to see the story’s climax, I am sad that we are getting near the end. However, there are plenty more Archie Horror comics to read after!

Vampironica 3 Preview

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