Vampironica Issue 5 Review (Archie Horror Series)

Vampironica #5 is created by Megan and Greg Smallwood. Issue 5 came out on December 12th of 2018 and is published by Archie Comics.

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Vampironica 5 Review

About Vampironica Issue 5

The Creators

Vampironica is created by Megan and Greg Smallwood. The lettering was done by Jack Morelli. The series premiered on March 14th of 2018. Issue 5 came out on December 12th of 2018.

The artwork for Vampironica issue 5 was done by Greg Smallwood, Matt Herms, and Jack Morelli. There are also variant covers available by Francesco Francavilla and Matthew Taylor.

Vampironica is part of the Archie Horror initiative alongside other books such as Jughead: The Hunger, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and Afterlife With Archie.

If you have not started the Vampironica series, click here to read our review of Vampironica #1.


With Ivan gone and most of the vampires dealth with, Veronica must now face off against the leader of the vampires. While the rest of the gang stays at Cheryl Blossom’s party, Veronica heads back to her house for the final standoff.

Vampironica 5 Cover

Vampironica Issue 4 Review

It is finally here. We made it to the last issue of the original Vampironica series. Veronica has been through a lot over these past few issues. Now it is time for her to have her final battle against the leader of the vampires.

This issue has a great cover. We see Veronica lounging in a pool of blood with dead bodies in it. This is a great throwback to the events of the last issue. However, my favorite cover for this issue is the Matthew Taylor cover. It shows a bloody Veronica taking a bite out of a heart. It looks so cool.

Whoever is leading the vampires is no joke. They send Veronica on a series of hallucinations meant to break her spirit. We see all of her worst fears come to life. However, Veronica is smarter than that. She quickly realizes that she is being played with, and keeps moving forward.

What I loved most about these hallucinations was that the writers really stayed true to Veronica’s character. Veronica has been around for decades at this point. She has almost always had the same personality and goals. She wants to be with Archie. She wants love from her friends and parents. Most importantly, she loves shopping and clothes. These dream sequences directly played into her insecurities.

It looks like we get a happy ending after call…or do we? Much like the end of other Archie stories, the gang finishes up and heads off to Pops to hang out. That said, aren’t there a lot of dead bodies to clean up? I am sure the Blossoms aren’t too happy about their property being destroyed, haha.

Overall, Vampironica has been a crazy thrill ride in every issue. I love seeing classic Archie characters in new situations, even if they are being maimed, killed, and possessed. Archie comics and horror comics are two of my favorite things. I am happy to see them come together successfully.

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Vampironica 5 Preview

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Where To Find Vampironica

Vampironica #4 At Archie Comics

Vampironica #4 At Comixology

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