Walking Dead Issue 180 Review And Summary

The Walking Dead is back with part six of New World Order! Here are our thoughts on The Walking Dead issue 180.

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The Walking Dead Issue 180

About The Walking Dead Issue 180

The Walking Dead 180 is written by Robert Kirkman. The artwork is by Charlie AdlardStefano Guadiano, and Cliff Rathburn. This issue was released on May 2nd, 2018. The Walking Dead is published by Image Comics.

The Walking Dead issue 180 is collected in The Walking Dead Volume 30: New World Order.

The Walking Dead Issue 180 Cover

The Walking Dead Issue 180 Review

Beware! There are spoilers in this Walking Dead issue 180 review.

The Walking Dead is back with part six of New World Order! In The Walking Dead issue 180, things seem to be heating up between The Commonwealth and Alexandria. Who knows what the next set of issues will bring to the story? Also, how awesome is the Alpha variant cover?

Issue 180 of The Walking Dead opens with Michonne being offered a lavish apartment. In turn, she must provide legal services for the Commonwealth. This makes me curious about how the law works in this society. Since jobs and social status mimic pre-apocalypse America, I am wondering if the laws also mirror American laws. It is likely that legal matters such as taxes and business regulations will differ from our own legal structure. I have a time believing that the Commonwealth will care about pollution and the environment when the Earth is crawling with undead monsters.

The Commonwealth seems to operate similar to how a business operates. I wouldn’t be surprised if the government collects profits from everything and distributes paychecks to their citizens. From what we know so far it looks like the Commonwealth government handles giving people raises and promotions. 

Next, we see Dwight attempting to make amends with Laura. This conversation shows how truly vulnerable Dwight can be. He is a great warrior, but he also has feelings. It is good to see that he is processing his emotions after Sherry’s accidental demise. 

The Walking Dead Issue 180 Review

The Commonwealth then arrives at Alexandria. This is a very tense set of scenes. Even though the Commonwealth sent a small group of soldiers, they are ultimately more numerous and better equipped than the out-group. Dwight rallies the troops, but the interactions between Rick and Pamela seem civil so far. 

Like many of our group, Rick seems to disagree with Pamela’s political philosophy. Rick believes that social status effectively resets after the apocalypse. He wants people to be defined by what they are currently doing.

I agree with Rick in this aspect. The world is very different now and a different combination of skills is valuable to society. This is especially true for smaller societies that are still roughing it in the post-apocalypse. 

Pamela is surprised that Rick lives among his people. Alexandria definitely puts less emphasis on the social hierarchy. Pamela believes that this hierarchy is needed to drive people to accomplish things. She believes that Rick’s philosophy is due to how Alexandria has a smaller population than the Commonwealth. She does have a point as socialist and communist-based philosophies tend to work better in smaller groups. 

This issue had some of the most humorous panels of Rick that I have seen in a while. This issue brought a lot of change for him. Michonne decided not to come back to Alexandria. Storm Trooper-esque soldiers show up at his gates. While he was mostly calm and diplomatic, some of his facial expressions were priceless. 

Is it me, or did the interactions between Rick and Pamela seem kind of flirty? Andrea is gone and I don’t believe we have seen inside Pamela’s love life. Is there a new romance budding? We have two powerful people flexing their muscles and exchanging glances. 

This was a great issue. It was just as funny as it was nerve-wracking. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Our group has had a lot of interactions with others in the past. These interactions usually end in violence. Things look like they may be more political and diplomatic this time around. 

The Walking Dead Issue 180 Preview

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