We Tried FYE’s Exclusive Godzilla Chocolate Mochi

Godzilla Mochi Review

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FYE Godzilla Mochi Review

FYE’s Godzilla Chocolate Mochi

Thanks to the growing rise of anime and other Japanese media being imported to the West, many Westerners have gained interest in many different aspects of Japanese culture, with one universal factory being food! Lately, many specialty shops have begun selling Japanese snacks in the West with one of the most popular being the US-based retail chain FYE (For Your Entertainment).

FYE for the past few years have sold many imported snacks from Japan and other east Asian countries to go along with their various anime, Japanese, and K-POP-related merchandise that include usual favorites such as pocky, Hi-Chews, and (most relevant today) daifuku mochi.

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What Is Mochi?

Photo courtesy of RODNAE Productions

Mochi is a sticky rice dough made out of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice, and mostly used to make cakes or similar confectionary. One of the most common uses of mochi is a specific snack called daifuku which is a mochi caked filled with some kind of filling such as Anko (a traditional sweetened red bean paste), fruit fillings, ice, cream, and chocolate. While it has been traditionally a snack to be eaten on New Year’s in Japan, mochi is a very popular snack and is used a lot for many other holidays or special events.

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The King Of The Monsters… Now Bite-Sized!

Now on the main subject: the Godzilla mochi! Lately, FYE has been selling mochi themed around various franchises such as Dragon Ball, Avatar The Last Airbender, Pusheen, and now Godzilla. FYE has already made several exclusive snacks for the Godzilla franchise but now we finally have a Godzilla-themed snack that is from his homeland.

Godzilla himself is no stranger to snacks in his home country as Japan has made many snacks themed around the Big G. An example of these are the various dishes and desserts made during Godzilla Fes, an annual celebration held on Godzilla Day, which takes place on November 3rd, the day the original Gojira debuted across Japanese cinemas in 1954. But enough history lessons, let’s talk about the Godzilla mochi itself!

When one tries this Godzilla mochi, the gate of entry is whether or not you will enjoy the texture of the mochi itself. Since mochi is made of sticky rice, the texture is sticky yet gelatinous with cocoa powder covering it. For many the texture of the mochi makes or breaks people into enjoying the snack but (personally) the mochi is chewy, slightly gelatinous, but incredibly fun to eat!

Filling out the Godzilla mochi is a chocolate filling that is just your normal milk chocolate filling almost akin to a chocolate cake or donut. Kinda straight to the point but it is what it says on the box, chocolate filling. So if you like chocolate and can enjoy the outer layer of mochi, then this Godzilla mochi will have you roaring with joy.

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Have You Tried FYE’s Exclusive Godzilla Mochi?

Have you tried FYE’s exclusive Godzilla mochi? What are some of your favorite Japanese snacks? Let us know on social media today!

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