We Tried Ghost Bubbalicious Cotton Candy Energy Drink

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Ghost Bubbalicious Cotton Candy Energy Drink

Ghost Bubbalicious Cotton Candy Energy Drink

An American Summer used to come complete with some baseball, a carnival, swimming, and blockbuster movies. With the implementation of Hell on Earth heat, trying to survive the first two is a miracle, the third can be trying if you exit the water, and the fourth might as well take a mortgage if you don’t bring your own snacks and drinks. Although it may not be possible for us to get all of those without melting we can get the taste of the carnival without putting ourselves into heat exhaustion territory with a Ghost Bubbalicious Cotton Candy Energy Drink.

Some benefits to drinking Ghost Bubbalicious Cotton Candy Energy Drink: energy boost, no sticky cotton candy residue in places it should be impossible to be, and nobody gets hustled by the carny games. The best of both worlds, truly. In a premium format, the Ghost Energy brand also steers away from sugar giving you healthy energy.

Can cotton candy be the carnival prize we want? Let’s explore the nutritional content and the taste!

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Nutrition Facts For Ghost Bubbalicious Cotton Candy Energy Drink

With the drink in our possession, the hard part is over and we get to enjoy the spoils of our labor! Since we’re not ingesting insulation knock-off on a paper cone, we can guess that we’re going to get a better tasting and calorie-wise treat.

For a 16-ounce can the end-consumer is getting 15 calories, 0g total fat, 0mg cholesterol, 35mg sodium, 2g total carbohydrates, 0g total sugars, 0g added sugars, 0g protein, 90mg vitamin c, 16mg niacin (vitamin b3), 1.7mg vitamin b6, 2.4mcg vitamin b12, and 200mg natural caffeine.

It is no secret that Ghost Energy brings their “A” game for nutritional quality when it comes to their product, but the taste? Is this going to be a super synthetic taste? Could the geniuses in their lab have truly gotten this science project right? Thanks for your ticket, the show is below.

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Cotton Candy

Did Ghost Energy write the song of the summer Ghost Bubbalicious Cotton Candy Energy Drink? Could it be the songbird of its generation? Cue the fireworks, we’re popping the top on this can to get the party started. The aroma is extremely bubblegum sweet, if that smell isn’t your thing, abandon hope beyond here. The taste is very impressive on the first sip, a blend of two things that truly tie the drink together.

Ghost Bubbalicious Cotton Candy Energy Drink is Ghost Energy’s most complex flavor profile, thus far. Out of the gate, you get the blue raspberry of the cotton candy and when you finish the sip, you taste the pink Bubbalicious bubble gum flavor profile. Since we stay honest with our review, this flavor is NICE. I would say that the flavor profile stays best when cold, so if you’re a slow drinker (Hello, my name is Brandon, and I haven’t been fast since my first semester of college), then you may want to glass and ice this one if it’s an option.

Coming into this, I was not an optimist as bubblegum-flavored drinks are a no. I had my expectations pleasantly shattered as I decided to go back to the carnival through a portal in this energy drink. I’m not clowning on you all, Ghost Bubbalicious Cotton Candy Energy Drink is worth the purchase and earned its 9/10 rating. I believe that if you drink one of these, you’ll be able to take on a local carnival’s strongman, hands-down!

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