We Tried ICEE Blue Raspberry Creme Filled Cookies (Review)

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Snack Review - Icee Blue Raspberry Cookies

ICEE Blue Raspberry Creme Filled Cookies

When it comes to cookies it is really easy to find a like and to stay in that lane. For me, I’m usually open with my snacks and treats. going so far as to search for candies with wasabi, but being unsuccessful. Today I found ICEE Blue Raspberry Creme Filled Cookies, the sibling to the ICEE Cherry Flavor Creme Filled Cookies and since those were a hit, these were a must-try.

The packaging is extremely minimalist which I hate being a Millenial, but companies never ask me for my opinion(s) on these things. The traditional ICEE logo and ICEE drink are present so there is a bit of nostalgia, but only that. For a cool $3.00 I was able to snag one of these King Sooper/Kroger’s exclusive products.

If we agree that each sleeve is valued at $1.00 there is some value in these cookies, the sugar overload seems imminent, and how are we going to land with the taste? This isn’t my first rodeo, but I don’t think that second rodeos make someone a pro either. Let’s dig into the nutrition and then eat my nostalgic feelings for a bit!

Nutrition Facts For ICEE Blue Raspberry Creme Filled Cookies

A serving of these cookies is pretty small, all things considered, but if we have two cookies we’re getting 140 calories, 6g total fats, 2.5g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 0mg cholesterol, 160mg sodium, 19g total carb, 0g dietary fiber, 11g total sugars, 11g added sugars, 1g protein, 0.6mg iron, and 20mg potassium.

I’m one that usually advocates for trying to stick with a serving but TWO COOKIES?! So, I’m not sure what the caloric intake is after a sleeve, but keeping to that or less is going to be my struggle, I’m almost certain. If I’m not transformed into the Cookie Monster after this, then I’ve likely entered a food coma, and I’ll be back shortly I’m certain. All the fun facts aside, let’s see if ICEE Blue Raspberry Creme Filled Cookies actually captured the blue raspberry flavor.

Icee Blue Raspberry Cookies Review

These Cookies Are Blue, Da Boo Dee Da Boo Dah

If you don’t like my Eifel 65 header, anything beyond the writer/reader relationship will be difficult. Although I don’t live in a blue house with blue windows, I do enjoy the color of blue – how does it taste though? Opening the packaging, the vanilla of the sandwich cookies seems to be the more dominant of the aromas. That first bite though, takes me somewhere.

The taste of ICEE Blue Raspberry Creme Filled Cookies is like getting the absolute PERFECT texture and flavor added to an ICEE. The flavoring almost manages to have a really nice note in the cream with little pockets or crystals of the blue raspberry that pop. The truth is, had I never had an ICEE and moreover, a blue raspberry flavored one, I would assume that ICEE Blue Raspberry Creme Filled Cookies was just a standalone flavor.

These are absolute units and trying not to eat all of them in a sitting is a gauntlet I wouldn’t wish on anyone. If you are struggling with not eating these in a sitting, please send them my way and I’ll take care of this burden. 10/10. These cookies are so flavorful and fantastic, a note though, the blue dye in these is strong so don’t worry yourself later. These are a must-try especially if they’re only to test the market.

Have You Had ICEE Blue Raspberry Creme Filled Cookies?

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