We Tried Mountain Dew Summer Freeze

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Mountain Dew Summer Freeze

Mountain Dew Summer Freeze

Hey there sentinels of soda, it’s SUMMER! Whether you are in the north of things where it is smoky and orangish yellow, or in the South where it is still a bit smoggy, one thing is for sure: It’s a hot one! I was told it was seven inches from the midday sun! Because of this, we have to take care of our hydration, sun protection, and air quality needs if we are in it, please stay hydrated! Every once in a while though, we need to crack the lid to something else that will break the monotony of water, so where do we go?

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Mountain Dew Summer Freeze is a beacon of the nostalgia Summer gives: very thematic of the United States of America’s Independence Day, bomb pop coloration, and a non-caramel-colored soda. I couldn’t deny the remaining youth in my mind when I saw this so I added it to my grocery order. The cost is about the going rate for individual sodas (which I’m not thrilled about) at $2.25+, everything else is the standard look and vibe of Mountain Dew.

If my purchase can help me relive the moments of Summer’s past, the cost will be swiftly forgotten as it helps me move beyond the hurdles we find ourselves in with our current news cycle. We’ve got a bomb on our hands and I intend to diffuse it, stick with me and we’ll see if it’s right for you!

Nutrition Facts For Mountain Dew Summer Freeze

Now that we’ve moved into the season of Summer, heat, and all things fewer clothes (where permitted), I will find myself having less and less soda unless it falls into the zero sugar category. That said, I’m going to treat myself with this one and see just how “Summer” it feels.

For a single twenty-ounce bottle of Mountain Dew Summer Freeze, you’re looking at 270 calories, 0g total fat, 85 mg sodium, 72g total carbohydrates, 72g total sugars, 72g added sugars, 0g protein, and 92mg of the good stuff: caffeine. I don’t believe there’s a lot to pick and look at here, it is Mountain Dew, it is VERY blue, and it is the sugar version, so do these sparingly unless you have unlimited metabolism or it is the post-apocalypse.

All that said, let’s see if this really has the vibes that Summer gets a GOOD reputation for having.

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Summer Breeze, Makes Me Feel Fine

It isn’t anything new for Mountain Dew to make sure it has one-off presentations as well as several seasonal flavors, now they’re giving us something to tie to Summer. With Mountain Dew Summer Freeze, we have a lighter blue soda and the promise of a popsicle long tied to our childhood, so a misstep here could have us laying up into Sprites and Starrys until the colder weather moves in.

The taste of the soda truly does send a signal for concerted mimicry, if you let it sit you will be convinced that the flavor(s) of bomb pop (red, white, and blue baby) are truly contained within this presentation. The kick of carbonation is on the low end as well, helping that flavor not get “too spicy”. The soda itself is very light and if I had to blind taste test, I wouldn’t know it was a “heavy soda” (sugar and syrup).

I would give this a nice 8 out of 10 and say that this really does stand out as a once-in-a-while Summer treat. If mixing with adult beverages is your deal I find that a natural pairing would occur within vodka (you can effortlessly blend with Smirnoff Red, White and Berry) and likely gin if you’re not cumbersome with your pours.

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Have You tried Mountain Dew Summer Freeze?

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