We Tried MrBeast Bar Milk Chocolate (Review)

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MrBeast Bar Milk Chocolate

One of my favorite foods is chocolate. Chocolate bars, cake, sauce, drink, if it has chocolate I will likely give it a shot (Not comfortable with chocolate-covered insects at this point in time). MrBeast Bar Milk Chocolate wants to give us a bar that we look at like we did the Hershey’s chocolate bar for so long. How can a new entry compare?

MrBeast Bar Milk Chocolate includes only 5 ingredients to keep it simple, their packaging is an extreme stand-out in the realm of colors and patterns, and it belongs to the YouTube sensation, Jimmy. As a new entry though, can MrBeast Bar compete? What I’ve tried so far seems to lean toward “Yes!” Terrific news for Jimmy and the crew, but when they REALLY simplify the bar’s flavor, will it work? I’ve got the nutrition and then my thoughts on the taste and texture!

Nutrition Facts For MrBeast Bar Milk Chocolate

The bar is 2.1oz and has two servings. Each serving will grab 170 calories, 12g total fat, 8g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 5mg cholesterol, 25mg sodium, 15g total carb., 1g dietary fiber, 13g total sugars, 11g added sugars, 2g protein, 4% daily value (based on a 2,000 calorie/day diet) vitamin d, 4% daily value calcium, 2% daily value iron, and 2% daily value of potassium.

The saturated fat is a bit of a stand-out for this tiny chocolate, but hey, if you avoid it elsewhere this won’t hurt you. The marketing for the candy bar is that you only have five ingredients to look at, no artificial colorings, or a long list of things that sound like embalming fluid. All that considered, is this the chocolate bar to set the standard for chocolate bars, or is Hershey’s the end all, be all in this territory?

MrBeast Bar Milk Chocolate

Who Put Milk In This Chocolate, Knowing I’m Gonna Put This Chocolate In Milk?

When I open this package the aroma isn’t room intrusive, but if I get close enough and smell the bar it almost smells like dark chocolate or sharp. For a milk chocolate bar, I’d almost think it would be a little softer, but it really is just me saying, don’t be fooled by the smell. The taste is very soft very parallel to Hershey’s so honestly, this is a good step for the MrBeast Bar Milk Chocolate.

Continuing with eating this bar the taste doesn’t overstay its welcome, the texture of the bar is a melting solid (it will melt in your hands), and if you’re within a radius of another human it is easily shared. For having no history within the candy/chocolate world, MrBeast puts a good foot in the door. Simply, this is a good singular-taste chocolate bar with five ingredients that doesn’t kill you with the budgeting for the calories.

I would give the MrBeast Bar Milk Chocolate a 7/10 and would have it over other chocolate bars if the pricing is correct. I don’t see it as a premium or luxury brand so pricing does factor in. If MrBeast decides to continue running products within this venue they will be wise to keep their current staffing on board. That said, do not feel compelled to clean up shelves or re-organize an aisle to keep this product prominent, there are employees there doing what they can with the resources and time they have.

Have You Tried the MrBeast Bar Milk Chocolate?

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