What Does Creative Mean?

What does creative mean to us? Here is our best definition.

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What Does Creative Mean

What Does Creative Mean?

The definition of creativity typically involves using your imagination to develop new ideas. When we think of creativity, we often think of artists, writers, and musicians.

While I like this definition, I think creativity is a bit more than that. I believe that creativity plays into every activity, role and profession. Creativity comes in many forms.

Factors That Help Define Creativity

Thinking Outside Of The Box

As a culture, we have accepted ways of doing things. Objects have intended uses and purposes. Art, media, and projects are created through tested techniques.

To me, creative people tend to think outside of what is considered to be proper. For creators, this can be as simple as using household items to make art, or making a song in a lesser-used time signature.


Making what everyone else has made just isn’t enough. Creative people often look for new ways to create original ideas for art and content. While pushing the envelope is not a requirement for creatives, it is a common trait.

Turning Imagination Into Reality

My favorite artists and creators find ways to turn what is in their head into a tangible form. This can come in the form of fictional art as well as non-fiction content. Creatives can use their work for self-expression, or to present information in interesting ways.

What is Creativity

Manipulation Of Your Environment

At the end of the day, creativity is about using your brain, imagination, and resources to make something great. Creators use the power of their minds to make real-world changes. This can involve putting paint on a canvas, or finding a new way to write software. Creativity can be injected into any activity if the people involved are looking for new solutions.

Idea Generation

Every great project starts with an awesome idea. Creativity can come in the form of brainstorming, idea mapping, and problem-solving. Good ideas might just be the most important part of the creative process.

What Does Creative Mean To You?

What is your personal idea about the definition of creativity? Does it differ from mine?

Everyone has their own thoughts on creativity, and I want to hear yours. Leave a comment below or hit me up on social media!

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