What happens in Antarctica #2? (Top Cow)

Is it a clone or a doppelganger? In this article we delve deeper into the Antarctica science fiction mystery as we dissect Issue 2.

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Antarctica #2 Preview

What is Antarctica Issue 2 about?

Written by Simon Birks, art by Willi Roberts and lettering by Lyndon White, Antarctica issue #2 kicks off exactly where the first issue left off. With protagonist Hannah facing off against her double, she demands to know where her father has gone in which her double beckons her to follow but she refuses as she walks off into the snow. Leaving her feeling a bit beside herself…

Hannah returns back to the base and lets Matteo in on her weird doppelgänger situation and how alternate realities are at play. But explains it in a way which, thanks to artist Willi Roberts style, makes us feel like Hannah can somehow break the fourth wall. And leaves Matteo feeling she’s even crazier than he thought.

“She’s fucking nuts,” he whispers.

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Antarctica #2 - Front Cover
Antarctica #2 – Front Cover

Onto the next scene, Hannah’s doppelgänger talks to her henchman in a way that makes you not trust them whilst also alluding to the fact that Hannah might get in the way of their plans.

Meanwhile, as Hannah and Matteo are looking for guns to defend themselves, they come across Phillip, one of the staff who is brandishing a weapon and got the crazy suicide eyes going on. After they take him out they notice Dr Hirsch in the corner who is tied up (most likely by Phillip). Dr Hirsch then helps them to the control room and begins the procedure of locking down the base.

Just as the base is locked down, one of Hannah’s doppelgänger’s henchmen manages to break in with plans to take those in the control room. After a proximity alert goes off, Dr Hirsch informs Hannah and Matteo of the intruder. Splitting up, Matteo heads for Phillip with plans to help him out of danger. While Hannah watches out for the intruder, who she finally spots as he fires off a shot at Matteo. A bullet which Phillip jumps in front of.

Matteo puts Phillip on his shoulders, as he’s bleeding out, and along with Hannah the trio make a run for it to the outside where Dr Hirsch is waiting with a truck. The back of the truck is a safe space which allows time for Hannah to patch up Phillip as the next scene segways into a flashback where Hannah used to play doctors with her father. While cute, it’s a little odd to see him shirtless lying down in front of his daughter. Artistic decisions I guess?

With gunshots ricocheting off the truck, Dr Hirsch drives off and as they’re escaping the gunfire they realise they’re boxed in by carefully placed pump jacks and a gigantic drill in pursuit of them. Dr Hirsch recommends they head back to the base to take cover but not before Hannah puts forth a desperate theory that they’ve pulled her into doppelgängers world and they need to find the other station to escape and come up with a plan to return back to their own world.

Writer Simon Birks and artist Willi Roberts had almost an impossible task to achieve here. The comic book is very busy, to the point of overcrowded, with different actions and character sequences that make it hard to keep up with. You’ll miss a few subtle moments like the appearance of Dr Hirsch. That said, it’s highly enjoyable and filled to the brim with action and weird scientific fuckery.

My biggest complaint is, while the first issue established a style of flashback scenes to provide context to Hannah’s motivations, this second issue seems to mostly cut down on them. Instead relying on the current events while the flashbacks that are included adding little substance to the overall story. They’re “nice-to-haves” but are far from necessary in fleshing out the sequence of events. I would’ve preferred more and far greater interesting flashbacks but I can understand why some were probably cut out. Let’s hope there’s a return to Birks’ original formula in the third issue and those that follow.

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The Talent Involved and Sale Dates

Written by SIMON BIRKS
Lettering by LYNDON WHITE

On sale August 16, 2023
Published by Top Cow

Themes of Antarctica Issue #2

  • Alternate Reality
  • Betrayal
  • Clones
  • Daddy’s Girl
  • Doppelgänger
  • Murder
  • Mystery
  • Science
  • Snow

Preview Pages

Antarctica #2 - Page 1
Antarctica #2 – Page 1
Antarctica #2 - Page 2
Antarctica #2 – Page 2
Antarctica #2 - Page 3
Antarctica #2 – Page 3
Antarctica #2 - Page 4
Antarctica #2 – Page 4

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