What happens in Charred Remains #1? (Mad Cave Studios)

Charred Remains issue #1 feels like a mix of Tony Todd's Candyman and Ron Howard's Backdraft.

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Charred Remains #1 - Mad Cave Studios

What is Charred Remains Issue 1 about?

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like if you mixed the performance of Tony Todd in Candyman with the setting of Ron Howard’s Backdraft then this new comic book, published by Mad Cave Studios, has answered that very question for you!

Written by Anthony Cleveland, art by Andrea Mutti and lettering by Taylor Esposito, Charred Remains issue #1 is a horror comic that, like Candyman, gives off a powerful narrative about homelessness, gentrification, and fear.

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Charred Remains Issue #1 - Published by Mad Cave Studios
Charred Remains Issue #1 – Published by Mad Cave Studios

Charred Remains kicks off focusing on protagonist Amy, as a child, trapped in an apartment that is engulfed in a raging fire. As a lone fireman does his best to get to her, she warns him just as he breaks through to be wary of “The Fireman.” A boogeyman that either causes fires or is drawn to them. At this point we’re just not sure.

Fast forward 10 or so years and Amy seems to be living in the same neighbourhood, that is obviously gentrified, as she’s living homeless in a tent with her friend Jade and a couple of others she calls family.

With fires raging in the city, Amy is a on a personal mission to prove the existence of The Fireman. Even though those who know her are pinning it down to just being a prolonged form of PTSD. The Fireman takes on a few different forms in the issue giving us the feeling that there’s more to him than being just another boogeyman as the final page points out. Something Amy and Jade discover.
Don’t worry – no spoilers, fam!

Anthony Cleveland is slowly working his way to becoming the next king of underground horror comics. And he wouldn’t have gotten there without comics like Show’s End or Stargazer. With Charred Remains he’s tapped into many elements that make early 90s horror so incredibly unique. That slow, gradual build of tension is always present and just doesn’t stop. Cleveland’s style and raw talent is one the indie comics community hardly deserves.

While the pairing with artist Andrea Mutti gives a gritty, burnt, scarred atmosphere of a neighbourhood under siege by the boogeyman controlling the world’s most dangerous element. An element which wouldn’t seem so terrifying without the grounding of letterer Taylor Esposito’s expert scribery.

If you like late 80s-early 90s horror mixed with a dash of modern day leftist commentary on the state of how society treats its downtrodden then buckle up for a world of terror in Charred Remains!

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The Talent Involved and Sale Dates


On sale December 13, 2023
Published by Mad Cave Studios

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