What happens in Flickering Lights #1? (Bad Bug)

Because in Flickering Lights, no one can hear you moan!

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Flickering Lights #1 - Bad Bug Media

What is Flickering Lights issue 1 about?

If you’re wondering if there’s more to life than ordinary vanilla sex on earth and are wondering how astronauts fuck while they’re floating in zero gravity then this erotic-space opera-horror comic book from Bad Bug Media is for you.

Written by Jason Pell and art by Emilio Utrera, Flickering Lights Issue 1 is set on a spaceship where anyone is a potential sexual conquest. The crew in question realise they’re lost and in uncharted space, which is causing them to see all sorts of weird phenomena. One of them, Clayton, even simulates sex with what looks like an alien being.

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Flickering Lights #1 - Published by Bad Bug Media
Flickering Lights #1 – Published by Bad Bug Media

When the crew has a meeting and Clayton is in isolation from his “experience” they’re all considering how and when they’re going to be able to get home. All before the aliens return and Clayton leaves his quarters and the ship in a space suit – only to be stripped naked and dying in sexual ecstasy as the aliens have their way with him in his final moments.

Shocked by what they’ve witnessed, the Captain and his remaining crew realise they’ve got to press on and search a nearby planet which might hold the secret to returning home. Spoilers! It doesn’t.

What does happen is that science officer Alonso is fauna seduced in a way that not only puts the Evil Dead tree rape scene to shame but also absorbs her and turns her into a red tree root. But not before she gives the red tree life form the best blowjob of its life. Why does it have a penis? Who knows.

Months later, the remaining crew is fatigued and is realising they probably won’t make it home in their lifetime. This results in a threesome because reasons and the captain discovers the X-rated display only to realise one of them is one of those blue flickering aliens which has changed the other two into aliens. Aliens which exit the ship to be with their own kind. Leaving the Captain crew-less and alone on his ship in the dead of space.

Flickering Lights issue 1 is like if Sharon Stone’s Basic Instinct character wanted to screw every character in the Event Horizon movie. If every character looked like Michael Douglas. It’s seductively bat shit crazy thanks to the writer. Is it My Kind Of Weird? I dunno. How many alien tree dicks do you want to suck? 7? Ok, in that case I give it a 7/10. Because in space, no one can hear you moan!

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The Talent Involved and Sale Dates

Written and lettered by JASON PELL

Available now
Published by Bad Bug Comics

**Content warning: This comic book is for ages 18 and over.**

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What did you think of Flickering Lights Issue 1?

What did you think of this first issue of Flickering Lights? Has this comic book converted you into an erotic science fiction horror fiend?

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