What happens in Punisher #1? (Marvel Comics)

There's a new Punisher in town!

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Punisher #1 - Marvel Comics

Who or what is Punisher?

Unlike the well-known and loved original bearer of the name Punisher (Frank Castle), this Punisher has a whole new arsenal of weaponry and training at his disposal.

As an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Joe Garrison has handled the most difficult of missions. From assassinating HYDRA Generals to wiping out Latverian Splinter Cells, Garrison has done it all as a one man wrecking crew – with the aid of his handler, Triple-A.

Despite all this training, nothing would’ve prepared him for when his family was assassinated. With the original Punisher missing, Joe Garrison has taken up the mantle of this new Punisher. And he’s here to clean house.

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Punisher #1 - Published by Marvel Comics
Punisher #1 – Published by Marvel Comics

What happens in Punisher Issue 1?

Written by David Pepose, art by Dave Wachter, coloring by Dan Brown and lettering by VC’s Cory Petit. Punisher #1 is published by Marvel Comics.

With the original Punisher now gone, Punisher starts off with two detectives investigating a house fire. One of them who bares a more masculine resemblance to Leland Palmer for some reason (Twin Peaks fans, anyone?). As the two Detectives are looking around the house, a less than scrupulous dive bar which hosts all sorts of nefarious criminals is interrupted as Joe Garrison aka the new Punisher makes himself known.

Demanding to know the location of a terrorist known only as “The Sokovian”, Garrison gets involved in a bar fight which ends up in the deaths of everyone in the bar. Save, our unmasked vigilante here. It turns out that Garrison is looking for the person who bombed his house and caused his family to die in a fire. Giving context to the two Detectives at the start of the story and what it is they’re investigating.

After a brief scene, in which we’re introduced to Garrison’s handler, Triple A, we are introduced to the Sokovian aka Mr Federov who is dealing in Mutant Growth Hormone. A banned substance which can be used to grow mutants or turn ordinary humans into mutant but can also prove to be deadly. Giving credence to exactly how bad a bloke Mr Federov really is. He hands off the Mutant Growth Hormone to the value of $10 million to a gang underground in exchange for their promise to hunt down this new Punisher who is in pursuit of him.

Thanks to Dan Brown’s expert coloring in a Flashback scene, we learn how deep the love for Joe Garrison’s wife and family went. A scene cut drastically short with the explosion of Garrison’s house with his wife and children inside – killing them instantly.

This leads to Joe Garrison tracking down The Sokovian’s whereabouts, thanks to some impressive S.H.I.E.L.D. technology, to under the subway network. After blowing open a fake wall in one of the subway tunnels, Garrison comes across the gang of mercenaries that Federov had paid off in an earlier scene. As Garrison is busy taking care off the thugs, their leader begins to take off his tie and after introducing himself as Dr Zabo, transforms into a creature of Hulk-like size and proportions called Mr Hyde.

Despite throwing everything he can at Mr Hyde, Garrison is unable to stop him until the ego of Mr Hyde gets the better of him and while trying to bite a chunk out of Garrison, he ends up eating a tube of the Mutant Growth Hormone which is found nearby. Causing him to mutate into an even uglier beast than before until he collapses from apparent death. Mutant Growth Hormone can be fatal if used improperly. Didn’t you get the memo, Mr Hyde?

With the mercenaries and Dr Zabo/Mr Hyde taken care of, The Sokovian makes a run for it and after he notices Punisher is in hot pursuit, he takes a nearby civilian (in the subway) hostage. Prompting Joe Garrison to tap deep into his training as a S.H.I.E.L.D. hitman and shoot Federov dead from an opposite platform and in between the carriages of a passing train. Making Joe Garrison a worthy bearer of the name “Punisher.”

Thanks to the writing talents of David Pepose, who has had his fair share of writing procedural comic book dramas, Punisher #1 is an incredible assortment of hitman on his quest for revenge, an injection of high octane drama versus a super powered mutation courtesy of Dave Wachter, minus the usual Marvel Universe bullshit. You could easily pick this up with zero Marvel Comics knowledge and enjoy the ever-loving crap out of it!

The Talent Involved and Sales Dates

Coloring by DAN BROWN
Lettering by VC’s CORY PETIT

On sale now
Published by Marvel Comics

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Punisher #1, Page 1
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Punisher, Page 5
Punisher, Page 5

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