What is Cable #1 (2024) about?

What is Cable (2024) about? Who is Cable? When is the Cable #1 Release Date? Scroll for the full dets!

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what is cable 2024 about

Who is Cable?

Cable, aka Nathan Summers, is the son of X-Men team leader, Cyclops (human name: Scott Summers) and his first wife (and the clone of Jean Grey), Madelyn Pryor. As an infant, Nathan was infected with the deadly techno-organic virus, the effects of which played out throughout many 90s X-Men comics and was loosely referred to as “The Plague” in X-Men: The Animated Series episodes Time Fugitives Part 1 and 2.

After contracting the plague it was decided the only way to save his life was to send him into the future so that he could receive treatment and his life could be saved. During his time in the future, he was raised by “Slym” and “Redd,” two mutants who had their minds implanted by Jean Grey and Scott Summers’ personalities by a mutant, Mother Askani, who later turned out to be his half sister, Rachel Summers. Confused yet?

Slym and Redd raised Nathan for twelve years before their minds were returned back to present day. After this time period, Nathan eventually grew into the warrior we’ve all come to know and love. It was eventually discovered that Mister Sinister created the clone of Jean Grey, Madelyn Pryor, to bear a son that would eventually become strong enough to destroy Apocalypse. Because of this reason and many others, he would go toe-to-toe with Apocalypse in many X-Men stories before returning to present day (or, the 1990s) to rejoin his fellow mutants and start X-Force.

To be fair, there’s a lot of other in-between storylines that occur between him starting X-Force and the Krakoa storyline. Such as taking on his clone, Stryfe, teaming up with Deadpool on many occasions, taking on a deadly Inhuman attack and a new younger version of himself being added to the X-Men fold – but we’ll leave that for another time.

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What is Cable #1 (2024) about?

Cable #1 (2024) is the first issue in a four issue mini-series where X-Men and X-Force character, Cable, wages his own war against both Orchis and an all-new threat known as the Neocracy. On this pivotal mission, he teams up with one of the few people he can trust – himself – as Young Cable returns to the Krakoa storyline and both of them race to stop a horrible future from coming to fruition.

THE FUTURE MUST NOT COME TO PASS! All the signs are here: The Neocracy is coming – and with it comes not only the end of mutantkind, but all of the humankind as well! As if rescuing Young Nate from the ongoing threat of Orchis weren’t enough, can Cable root out this growing threat and decimate it before the Neocracy has a chance to take hold. But is he already too late to change the future?

Cable #1 (2024) - Published by Marvel Comics

Who’s the writer and artist of Cable #1 (2024)?

This mini-series marks the monumental return of Fabian Nicieza to Cable, a character he helped define throughout the ‘90s in both X-Force, his own solo adventures as well as the 2000s hit Cable & Deadpool series.

Joining him on this series is artist Scot Eaton.

“It’s always fun to write Cable and challenge him with a big physical and emotional conflict,” Nicieza shared. “Having written him more than anyone else on the planet, it’s also fun to add to that total!”

Explaining this exciting new saga, Nicieza said, “This series finds Nathan Dayspring Askani’son Gesundheit up against the wall because while the lives of the X-world on Krakoa are under attack, Cable has to focus on the next potential ‘big threat.’ In order to stop the Neocracy before it becomes a revolution of evolution, Cable needs the help (and annoyance) of Young Cable! Indeed, hijinks ensue and Chiclet guns will be fired!”

When is the Cable #1 (2024) Release Date?

Published by Marvel Comics, the Cable #1 release date is January 17th, 2024.

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